Hello everyone, I have a motivation type question

Hi guys, I hope you’re all doing well. I just wanted to ask about keeping fit, working out or getting general motivation to do anything. Before diagnosis I was a bit of a gym goer, and with it hitting my 5th MS anniversary this year I’ve been a bit up and down, hit dark places, wondered what the point of all this fighting against the disease is, and so forth (I don’t want to bring it down too much, sorry!) and I’ve had 0 motivation lately, literally 0. Basically I wanted to ask how you guys motivate yourselves to get up and go? I want to start working out again, but as pumped as I feel the day before starting, I just lose focus on it and can’t be bothered. I know I can’t keep living like this. So any help/suggestions would be massively appreciated. Many thanks


i am further down the ms line than you-not that its a competition-i dont mean that! i believe that i cope nowadays because of my 30+ years of doing aerobics (and line dancing ssshhh!) any core exercise is beneficial. i think that any repetitive movement encourages the messages to recall what they are meant to do. i cant manage many of the basics now but am comforted knowing that i am doing what i can. if u feel pressured into it (by yourself i mean) then you are less likely to motivate yourself. sort the head and the body will do what it can! make it your choice.


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That’s some excellent advice. Thankyou very much. I think you’re right and I do need to give my head a total wobble!

I was given a load of exercises to do by the physiotherapist but they are so boring. So I though that something that engages the mind as well as the body might be better. I tried tai chi and I made progress very quickly. Even my teacher was impressed. Anything like yoga or Pilates will do just as much good. Best wishes, Anthony