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I’ve had ms for about 6 years now. I used to be really active (football,running etc) but now I feel so lazy. Anyone got any advice on maintaining some kind of fitness despite having ms?


It’s tough when you can’t do what you used to and the things you can do seem feeble in comparison. For me, not being able to do proper walks and go on walking holidays was a big barrier to get over. Could I even be arsed to go on pathetic little walks with two hiking poles? Really? Well, yes, as it turned out, yes finally, and many years later, I still am and I am a firm believer that regular exercise is as good as an extra DMD. But it’s hard to accept the new normal, and I really feel for you. Do your best to ease yourself gently into something you enjoy. Anything will do.


Use it or lose it!

As MS progresses, things you can do today may get harder, so keep yourself in the best shape you can for now.

As someone whose MS has progressed quite aggressively over the past 8 years, I still do what I can but the exercise is much less vigorous than it was. However, I’m certain that I kept it at bay years ago for as long as I could.

Whatever you do, don’t drive yourself into the “fatigue zone” by trying to do too much and listen to your body.


Anything that works on core strength, flexibility, arm (and leg) strength is good.

Tai Chi / Yoga are both good for all of the above, find a class where the instructor will work with you and around your MS symptoms, flares etc.

I’m still doing Taekwon-do, with an excellent Instructor/TKD Association who work with me and my MS to keep me going.

I bought myself a treadmill and go for walks every day - i went from 3 mins to12 mins…hurt myself and back to 5 mins, pathetic… but its better than nothing!

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Try light exercise, walking. You can find videos with easy exercises on youtube for example

I used to be super active, playing football and running a lot. But life happens, and now I struggle to stay motivated. One thing that really helped me was getting a personal trainer in home. It’s great because they tailor workouts to my needs and keep me accountable. It’s less overwhelming than going to a gym and more comfortable too. I’ve found that just having someone come over makes a huge difference in staying active and feeling good about myself. Maybe give it a try? Anyone else had success with a personal trainer in home?

Ms society used to do classes and it was great. Specific exercises for people with ms and it helped me a whole lot. Lots of online classes available too. I used to be fit too but got lazy since COVID lockdowns. The ms gym on YouTube is good. It’s tough when you can’t get back into exercise routine again but you will find something.