Hey, Is there anyone suffering from MS that is fit enough to have tried exercise or joined a sport, swimming is good and also working out in the gym and running/walking is beneficial, I have also done a bit of Brazilian jiu jitsu aswel and recently took up taekwando which is good for stretching and balance, just wondering if anyone else has done any of the above and if not I recommend them, but I do realize that there are people affected by MS alot worse than others who are not fit enough to do anything but fot those who are I would like to read some of your stories on what you do to keep active… thanks

I do exercises every day set by my physio, I don’t feel I have improved much but physio Is pleased, when my fortnightly appointments with him have finished there is a session they hold at a local sports centre which I will be going to. If nothing else it gets me out of the house.

Jan x

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Yea I find that it is good mentally to do something rather than being isolated sitting at home or doing nothing

I think that it is important that anyone with MS should do whatever exercise they are capable of.

I go to the gym, even though I need a lot of help. My local gym are brilliant and a ‘personal trainer’ always stays with me. I started there after a GP referral on the Exercise for Life scheme.

I also do yoga (sitting in a chair) and daily exercises from my physio. Like Jan I haven’t noticed a great deal of improvement, but hopefully with SPMS I’ve slowed down the rot a bit.

I also think exercise helps me mentally as well as physically.

In the past I’ve done T’ai Chi and Pilates.

MS Therapy Centres provide a lot of opportunities for exercise, if there is one nearby.

There is also a helpful DVD from the MS Trust.

I think it’s an excellent idea for people to contribute to this thread with any ideas they have.

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I also train at a tae kwon do class. I would highly recommended it. I find it helps with the balance and strength a lot. Been training ever since I first started getting symptoms 10 years ago.

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Hi Mcfee333,

I think its great to get active, I have RRMS & SPMS but try and get to the local leisure centre at least 3 x a week, my motto is “USE IT OR LOSE IT !”

Hope you can continue in your fitness routine, Andy



I started taekwondo recently im a 9thkup and so far i love it, with someone like yourself doing it longer than me do you find it difficult doing it with MS or do you cope OK with the routines,stretching and balance etc…

Hi Mcfee333.

Firstly, Andy/Welshpony makes a seriously important point; if you don’t use your muscles, especiallly if you have MS, then you’re just storing up serious trouble for the medium term future.

Whatever you choose, make sure it gets you out out of breath and sweating.

Word of warning from me though; I’ve been caning it down our gym for the past 18 months (60-90 minutes a day, 5 days a week), dripping in sweat, totally exhausted at the end of each session, trying to prove that ‘I’ve still got it’, type thing. I’m PPMS in my early 40s and used to be very sporty, but did not realise how important rest/recovery and hydration are to someone with my condition. To cut a long story short, I was hospitalised earlier this week with faecal impaction and inability to empty bladder. Common ms symptoms, but in case they were triggered by dehydration from my workouts.

So, find something that pushes you, but DRINK DRINK DRINK! Even when you’re not thirsty, in fact especially when your not thirsty.

In terms of gym I can’t run so use bikes and cross-trainers instead, supplemented with gentle weights sessions. I can do the rowing but much slower than before MS, obviously. Swimming is also good, but I just find it deathly boring.

Yea I hear you Clucker Pigeon! Hope you are OK and recovering now, sometimes you don’t listen to your body and try and be strong minded and push through it, that is OK to do if you are a healthy person, I always push myself when training but I know when enough is enough and from I was really young I always drank water, never drink fizzy juice or anything else really, so Im always hydrated and try and make sure I get the rest I need, it is hard when your in the gym or training somewhere where there are other people who probably think you are just unfit because you look healthy on the outside


i cant stress the importance of exercise strong enough!

as some regulars of the board know i am in a pretty bad way ms wise (carers in, use powerchair, double incontinence blah blah…)


i maintain it was my 30+ years of exercise-mainly aerobics which i loved that helped me during recent huge relapse.

the plaque/s have done mega damage but the messages have tried their best to find another route. i can now move my fingers and toes (have little strength or co-ordination) but they do move a wee bit.

ellie who spends lots of time alone in house but is never bored cos she always finds something to do! boredom is a state of mind!


Good on you. I’m a 1st degree blackbelt and do a lot of teaching. Im a firm believer in offsetting the damage MS causes with increases in strength, stamina and co ordination that TKD gives me. I just listen to me body and try not to push to hard, drink plenty of fluids and have fun

That is great TKD-Tony, I hope one day I can get to blackbelt and maybe teach aswell in the near future, when you started did you inform you instructor and fellow students that you have MS or did you just try and get on with it without consulting them? What do you think the best option is?

I haven’t mentioned the MS as I don’t want any special treatment, I just try my best and if I need a sit down I can always blame my age (45).

What area do you train in and is it TAGB

Im the same I dont want to tell anyone incase I get treated differently, luckily I am fit enough to keep up with everyone, I train in Newry Northern Ireland, ACE TKD

Hi. I try tp keep up with exercise as well. I do Pilates and Yoga each once a week and also aquafit.

I love aquafit, but have to be helped out of the pool and to the changing room afterwards. The ladies don’t seem to mind helping me, so I intend to keep going as long as I can. I find it takes a lot of energy to dress afterwards, so do not shower and wash hair (as I used to do) but wear very loose clothes to dress quickly - so ladies can help me to the car.

I do feel that it is worth all the effort at the end, even though it takes an hour or two to recover.

I also did a half hour class last Monday for tummy tightening, to help my core and so help walking and balance which are cr**p - .But I felt so exhausted on Tuesday that I don’t think i will continue. It is difficult to work out if it is doing you good, or not, and should I listen to my body, and realise it is just too much?

But will continue aquafit as long as I can.

Jackie x

Frothy If you feel you are doing too much you should limit the amount that you are doing, I think yoga and pilates would be good for you as well as aquafit, If you are feeling bad then you should cut down the amount you are doing for example if you are doing excercise that is 45mins long cut down to 15-20mins or eliminate a day of your weekly exercises, I hope this helps