excercise and sports

Is there anyone that finds exercise helpful for MS? I for one think it is really benificial and feel so much better both physically and mentally, I would like to hear from anyone who does any sports and exericse and if it helps them

Yes, I go to the gym a couple of times a week and feel much better for it. Sometimes after work it’s a real effort to get going again but I’m always glad I’ve done it, even if it’s not for long.

Interestingly, I also found it’s improved my dropped foot by strengthening my ankles so there’s physical as well as mental benefit to going.

I am struggling, in all ways to get back into exercise, but I know it will help me when I get my head around all this.

I go to the gym and do belly dancing and I firmly believe that my dancing has helped me keep my balance from deteriorating (well not as much as it otherwise might have).

If nothing else exercise releases hormones that makes you feel better and has been shown to help delay the onset of Alzheimers. But with everything else, everyone has their own pace to work at and overdoing it can be just as bad as not doing it.

JBK xx


I am a great believer that exerise is a big help to combat MS. I’ve got quite bad SPMS, organised sport is not an option. For a variety of reasons I have not been able to do physiotherapy and regular exercise. My walking ability has deteriorated. My balance has taken a dip, drop foot seems a lot worse plus going up and down the stairs is a bigger effort than it has been in the past.

Yup got to force myself to take some exercise each day, struggling around the house is not good enough. Get out with my rollator and do some hard yards. I always feel better afterwards, its time to stop finding excuses, instead get out and about.

Always feel better afterwards.


I am just about to make my plan to attend the gym I joined in may, only went 3 times to swim before going on holiday end of may, Spain was hot & I suffered a bit, so haven’t been since got back, walking with crutches, went to nuro physio yesterday, she got me on a bike machine, legs were dying all afternoon, went to our dance club last night where I now sit on door, later in evening I walked down hall to sit with friends, without the crutches, amazing tried cos physio said try to loose them, it’s given me a reason to go and try again. thinking about it won’t work, exercise is one thing where it’s not the thought that counts, lol

Hello :slight_smile: I’m new to the Everyday Living forum as I’m usually on new. Diagnosis part. I thought I’d let you know what I do. I’ve been diagnosed 4 weeks. I’ve recently gotten out of one of my worst ever relapses, so I’m enjoying a break. I’ve recently got an allotment after waiting a few years. It has been a great bit of exercise. When I’m feeling good I can get stuck in with digging…alright, I may fall over my feet or veer off balance :slight_smile: if I’m not feeling energetic, I can just water the plants and sit on my chair and just enjoy the peace :slight_smile: I hope you find something that works for you xx

I have a dog who really enjoys his twice daily walks so I force myself to take him even when I feel very tired and wobbly. Normally I feel better for doing it even if I am shattered for a while afterwards. Never could resist those big bright brown eyes and a whiskery kiss!