hi all,

I was wondering what exercise people do? I have taken up a pillates class and just started a ballet class, decided to try something different now I can’t do a full gym workout anymore.

I go to the gym and do core exercises, nothing too strenuous but it helps

Just go and do something

Good Luck

hey.I work out from home…yoga…free weights when I can…resistance bands when I can…some cardio…I break it down into smaller things depending on my energy levels.and try and do it within my limits for that day…have you considered swimming? Its a good allrounder plus you can do some exercises when in the water…I think others have echoed how important it is to exercise…but its good to find things that you enjoy and are motivtaed to do…glad you have found some new ways to keep fit…

I do the full thing at the gym few months doing Tue & Thurs and recently moving to Mon Tues Thurs Friday.

So things are getting firmer and bigger but I noticed its not helping with mental fatigue or fatigue in limbs and stamina.

If they could find a cure or supress the fatigue then MS could be on my back burner as I’m getting use to feeling like crap

It is worth investigating what is on offer at your local council helath centre.

Ours offers swimming for the disabled and a friend (whose husband had MS) spoke very highly of that, there were lots of helpers to help with the practicalities.

Your GP can also make an exercise referral to the gym. At my local one they are really helpful and accommodating and devise routines to suit my needs and again provide physical support with the equipment.

Yoga, pilates and t’ai chi are also very good for MS.

Since New Year, I have been walking.

Not power-walking, or competitive stuff or anything - just going out for a walk.

When I first started, I was horrified that I couldn’t go more than half a mile without my legs trying to quit.

I’m now walking between one and two miles regularly, on weekdays, and three miles on a Sunday.

I won’t say it’s comfortable, because it’s not - I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the stage when walking was something pain-free, that I didn’t have to think about. But my strength and endurance have improved greatly. Although I don’t run, I walk briskly, where possible, and get a bit of a cardio workout as well (the only cardio I get).

I also have some small handweights at home, and do some simple workouts with those, as well.

I don’t fancy the gym, because I think I’d be too self-conscious. I know I wouldn’t be able to use some stuff, like treadmills etc. (balance issues), so I’d feel more conspicuously disabled. Going out for a walk - nobody need know.


I’ve been referred to a local physio exercise group for ppl with MS. These are very gentle exercises managed very well by the physios and it’s so good meeting up socially with other people.

The guy in the wheelchair has started using the treadmill and at first it was very slow one leg after the other and slowly overtime he has got a bit quicker still no where near normal but its a start and it gives him some hope.

We have alot more going now from our branch from the piccy and show up with a chair or walking stick and nobody cares
in the gym, actually some say hello and you end up having normal conversations.

I go on the Wii Fit Plus; the Physio I went to see said studies have shown how much it helps so since I already had the Wii I bought the Wii Fit Plus and I cant believe how much its changed me!! Ive toned up and lost weight and im actually happier. Every day I go on it and do selected yoga and muscle moves. I also play the games on there -its pretty good for balance and co-ordination. Ive noticed and seen a huge improvement since I started using it and my posture has changed for the better. Its also fun cos if you have kids or friends around its fun when you all play on it together. I dont push myself on it, I just do what I can but I try and do 15-30 mins a day.

I’ve joined a gym and do aquafit and pilates three times a week, plus walking with the kids though keep that to a minimum as weight on my feet is sore.

I’ve joined a gym and do aquafit and pilates three times a week, plus walking with the kids though keep that to a minimum as weight on my feet is sore.

Hi I’m a new user I have my own gym in my garage my interest is bodybuilding been a slow process but I managed to do my first competition in April last year