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I’m looking for some advice. I was diagnosed with MS in Dec and my main issues (apart from general fatigue) are with muscle stiffness & aches and balance issues (oh, and foot drop) I’m still active but am considering home exercise on days when it is too much effort to get out and about. I have a yoga ball and those stretchy bands, but has anyone invested in a power plate or similar?

Thank you

I haven’t looked into a power pate but did get myself an exercise bike. Similar symptoms to you and doing my best to stay active. I have also recently discovered The MS Gym which looks great and so far it seems to be designed for those exercising at home - I’m starting to try out some of the exercises :slight_smile:



i would suggest any exercise will be beneficial to try and maintain the pathways. i have ballet bars in my house-not for ballet but to try to stand on tip toes and/or bend knees slightly. i aint very good at it cos lots of attacks have left me fairly disabled but i do what i can. a bike i guess would be beneficial.

swimming maybe?

something you enjoy otherwise if its a chore you wont stick with it!

good luck finding something u like!


Hi Zoe,

Let me first state that I’m completely different spectrum than you; I was diagnosed in 1973.

You have the right idea; exercise “use it or lose it.” Mind you MS does not care about that.

My guru is Mr Motivator; see perhaps not as hard as you can go but good basics YouTube

I also have this passive cycling machine


Hi Zoe

I use an indoor exercise bike. I find I can cycle a long time without tiring too much. Where as I walk round Tescos for a loaf of bread and milk and I`m shattered.

The cycling is good all round exercise. Plus your`e sitting down and have something to hang on to (handlebars).

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my local gym has power plates machines and they are great for a quick knee trembler!

(sorry for being saucy)

i used to use the cross trainer for 30 minutes but now 3 mins makes me want to got to bed.

the power plates are powerful and 1 minute on them equates to much longer on any other exercise.

i once told my first neuro that fatigue was my most disabling symptom.

now i have other disabling symptoms but fatigue is the worst.

my first physiotherapist told me to stand up tall when exercising.

i say “stand up tall all the time” when you are doing battle against this MonSter!

chins up friends

carole x

Hi, Its been a few years since I was on here and just thought I’d have a look to see what was fresh, This post caught my attention as I’m at present taking part in a research project into fatigue in ms sufferers. Scudgers comment mirrored my position as I used to walk in the Lake district every weekend but had to stop as my walking slowly got worse until now like him a couple of hundred metres and that’s it, so I got an exercise bike and sat it in front of the tv and the miles fly by with very little effort and because my partner was missing going for walks I got an electric assist push bike as well, so know we can get out for bike rides together again. Having the electric bike has helped in my mental state as well. Exercise helps with brain function so even some modest exercise can help.


I do Pilates twice a week to help with my balence and strength

Hello Zoe, I bought myself a powerplate some years ago and used it regularly until it broke. I thought it was a useful way of passive exercising and I wouldn’t mind getting another one if saw something advertised. I did feel better after using it so am sure it was doing something good. I bought it through an advert in one of the supplements to the weekend paper. I can’t quite remember the cost now. Something like £149, I think.

Now I have an indoor exercise bike which I use as I watch TV in the evening. I also have a rowing machine which I use for a few minutes most days. It helps me bend my knees, something my left leg struggles with.

Additionally I do ‘Gentle Yoga’ (I had to give up regular yoga as I felt I was bottom of the class and hated not being able to keep up with the others).

I have recently started doing a pilates type of session run by my local MS Society branch.

I think we must keep exercising as much as we can. It is a real effort. I would rather collapse on the sofa, but I know I must do it.

good luck!


I’d love for someone to be able to tell me why despite the fact I now find walking any long distance difficult I can still go out and cycle miles without thinking about it! I’m really glad I can because it’s about the only exercise I do now since walking is so difficult and slow I’m not convinced it’s actually helping keep me fit!

I love cycling (always have done) and it’s something myself and my husband can do together keeping us both from getting too depressed.

Never tried a power plate but am a firm believer that keeping fit can only help - with nothing else it will help your attitude and mental well being.

I can cycle flat out all day long (indoor bike) but to go and do some shopping is a major exercise and bloody knackering.

I have asked the question why, and have been told that when cycling I can switch off whereas shopping your doing a lot of thinking.

So it seems that the tiredness I suffer is more mental than physical.