Is it just me or is doing exercise just so hard to do? Core muscles in particular. I’m referring to motivating oneself to do them. I was very active before MS but now it’s so heart breaking to no longer be able to do or when trying, being soo awful at it, knowing that you already spent time and effort learning how to do it the first time! I have joined a gym and had my first swimming lesson. It so good being in the water but I was never horizontal, my butt and legs were almost vertical! How embrassing. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

Hi Deejay, Yes, of course it’s harder; you’re not well! I think, if you had flu’, you wouldn’t even be asking this question. Well, for me, MS feels like having pretty damn permanent flu’. So of course exercise motivation isn’t great. Well done to you for still trying. I definitely think it helps preserve and even improve whatever physical capabilities we’ve still got. I still try too, though I tend to lapse (not relapse) frequently, and have to really push myself to persevere again. It is frustrating, when I have to work so hard, just to avoid going backwards. Of course, for me (46), age comes into it as well. It’s no good comparing what I can achieve now with the progress I would have made in my 20s. If I’d applied the same effort then that I apply now, I’d have been super-fit by now, and able to run marathons. Instead, I’m just grateful that I continue to be able to walk, and do most mundane tasks - which is my new equivalent of a marathon. Yes, it’s sad, but I think you have to focus on what is realistically achievable NOW, not on how much easier everything used to be, which is irrelevant. It’s not comparing like with like. Tina

NO, it’s not just you - I was a RUGBY AND HOCKEY player and I ‘became’ a BLACK BELT AT TAE-KWON-DO, and I used to JOG cross-country and I would ‘continually raise at 5 o’clock in the morning’! - I used to swim and now I find it difficult to 'CLIMB THE STAIRS, I’VE ‘LOST’ MY DRIVING LICENSE (COULD’NT MOVE MY FOOT QUICK ENOUGH FROM ACCELERATOR TO BRAKE PEDAL AND MY ‘LATE’ FATHER HAD 4 GARAGES AND I COULD DRIVE (not on the road) AT 14! - I CAN’T ‘WALK’ WITHOUT A ‘ZIMMER’ - I DON’T DO ANYTHING NOW! - IT’S BLO*DY FRUSTRATING!!! - I KNOW THE FEELING ONLY TOO WELL!!! (I WENT TO UNIVERSITY AS WELL!!)

MARCUS. (Sorry for shouting, but it is really frustrating and I’m PIS*ED OFF!!!)

Like Marcus I was a Black Belt 5th Dan in Origami.

I’ve had to tone down my exercising (folding paper is not as easy as it was) and my god is now believe it or not is Mr Motivator.

Simple exercises that keep your body moving; hassle free see

Good luck


Good Advice, George Thanks - a little sex is not to be forgotten!!!

Yep, it’s tough alright, but MS isn’t exactly a picnic is it? Even a little exercise is far better than doing nothing and must be good for general health.

Stick within your comfort zone and enjoy the benefits of exercise.

Made first tentative steps back to the gym today after last month’s relapse. I can only hope that people around me realised that my stick was a clue to the reason I was doing so little, but I did feel better for having gone at all, even for a little light exercise. As you say, anything is better than nothing.