Core muscles and backache


Having a bit of a time with back ache at the moment, and running in parallel with joints clicking in wrists, arms and feet and legs (usually just one location affected at a time.)

Can MS lead to loss of core abdominal muscle strength that could be causing this?

Does anyone else get this, or can offer any advice? I’m fine as long as I stay vertical, but if I twist or anything I’m on the cusp of folding over in half in agony.

Hope everyone out there is as well as they can be.


Mr S

I know a surprising number of MSers with a back problem, including me. Not sure that they all have the same cause, but the solution does seem to be strengthening the core to support the back.

I had physio and was given loads of core muscle exercises to do. They do seem to have helped, so they are worth doing. I also have to think about using my core to support my back when I bend and twist, but amn’t always so good at that bit - work in progress.

Karen x

try a yoga or pilates class. classes run at a ms society groiup or a ms therapy centre are tailored for people with ms but a good gym should offer classes, - tell the instructor of your problems.

carole x

Hi Mr. S,

Weakening of the core muscles is definitely a common feature of MS, and yes, for a lot of people, this does seem to lead to back pain (I’m another one!)

A lot of prescription physio is actually based on Pilates, which aims to strengthen the core.

As an aside, I get the awful joint-clicking as well. I would certainly not be able to creep up on anyone, as they would hear the crunching and clicking a mile off.

This, as far as I know, is NOT a classic symptom of MS, and my neuro is very dismissive of it, but I’m intrigued that someone else is reporting the same.

I feel certain the number of joints affected, and to what extent, has increased the longer I’ve had MS (only diagnosed 2 years, but confident I’ve had it much longer than that).

The only explanation I’ve been able to find is that if muscle strength is impaired (due to neurological problems), you may be taking more strain on the tendons instead, and tendons are inclined to snap and pop more.

I’ve got certain big joints (right shoulder is one) that actually “want” to crack. Although not exactly painful, the joint feels sort of uncomfortable and out of kilter. If I move it a certain way, I can engineer a loud “CRACK!”, which brings an immediate sense of release, and even pleasure. The feeling that whatever was not quite right has shifted back into place. But this only lasts a few hours, before it again starts to feel uncomfortable and out-of-place, and I’m seeking that satisfying crack.

I’m sure it all has to do with MS at some level, but nobody medical seems interested, or to be able to explain to me why. :frowning:


Hi and thank you ever so much for taking the trouble to reply and your helpful suggestions.

I will definitely be doing more core exercises, going back to the physio, and possible even think about giving pilates a go.

I think your explanation of the cause of the clicking is right Tina, as this is what I was told by a physio previously. For me it just seemed really odd that I appear to have normal strength still in the joints that are now clicking. The joints that started clicking first - knees and wrists, I know the strength is less in, so it’s worrying that elbows, shoulders and spine are joining in and the direction this suggests.

Very best wishes,

Mr S

Can’t comment on what caused it but I can commend Pilates as a way of strengthening core. Try a beginner class if you can or invest in a one to one session. Lots of physio exercises are pilates based eg clam, bridging.

hi im new no diagnosis

but this is the 3rd time ive had this now and got better

all started in 1991 with swelling of bursas under knees

then in 2005 same again no reason not fell or anything

now again after going swimming caant find out whats wrong knees swelled and crunched again on left leg then spread into other

then traveled to me back and feet like burning kettle then moved into arms and kneck all me joints seem to crack. dont know weather its 3rd stage ms or not i could never run on that leg but i could walk qite a bit even though it clunked I do a lot of sweating at night and sleeping awake at about 6am get up aching then do a bit of a exersise routine to free meself up i cant walk verry far now cos me under me knee caps feel like grissel when im walking.

all things seem to ache on me neck arms back a bit knees and feet. I dont know weather i had a flare up yesterday but when swimming and me feet felt like they where burning and bubbling with pins and needles.

had blood test done yesterday and going for some sort of nerve test today.

everything seems to be getting worse all the time and i dont know what it is seen a nurologist and knee person

knee person thought it was ms as ive had it now 3rd time and walkinging bad Nurologist said dont think its ms stuck pins in me i could feel them but it was kind of like numbness feeling he thought it was bone related.

anyone have syptoms like this regard s john