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Just a quick one to ask about pain and MS, Over the years I’ve had a few pain issues that are normally the MS hug, where my chest feels constricted, over the last wee while I’ve been getting an identical feeling but in my lower back, I take co-codamol for it and it helps a wee bit, just asking as any time I have anything wrong with me I go to the GP 1st of all and always get told to contact my nurse, and any sort of relief/diagnosis seems to take ages. anyway I’m waffling, so, does anyone have a similar lower back pain like me and if so is MS the cause?

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I recently had a period of the hug that became the most excrutiating lower back pain.

I originally thought that the 2 were not connected because the back pain happened without warning when my back went into complete spasm and the hug I was experiencing for me was the “usual” (for me) discomfort and niggling constant pain. I thought that I had “thrown my back out” in the same way that I had done in the past before MS and the hug - ie it was a mechanical injury not a result of neurological disease.

Because the pain was so bad, I made an immediate appointment with an osteopath. I hadn’t been to see one before but my husband (who has mild hip displasia) had and said that this particular local guy was very good.


What the osteopath diagnosed - after taking a very comprehensive medical history - was that the spasm and severe pain was not the MS hug but it was a result of the effects of the MS hug. Essentially, what has happened is that the MS has caused the hug (amongst other things). In order to deal with the hug I deliberately hold myself and move in a certain way and/or avoid movement. This causes my muscles holding my skeleton together to become weak and out of position (not helped by the unavoidable strain of needing crutches to walk). Because my musculature is so weak it means that it is very easy to strain it causing spasms. (This is confirmed by my MS team at the hospital who came to see me when I had my last Tysabri infusion and examined me.)

The osteopath has done a few sessions of gentle manipulation with me and has given me a few gentle strength building exercises to do (very similar to ones I have previously been shown by a neuro-physiotherapist which are - apparently similar to Pilates exercises). The manipulation and excercises along with painkillers (co-codamol) have really worked and the lower back pain has pretty much abated - I am still conscious of having to be careful about my back though and I think that I will always have to be.

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Thanks, I’m going to get something sorted out tomorrow once everywhere is open for business again.

Hi Volbeat.

I found your post particularly interesting, because I’ve always suffered with lower back pain, and still do!. My MS causes me considerable burning and altered sensation in my legs, especially my left leg, as well as disability. But I’ve noticed something strange but significant, when my back pain is worse so is the pains/burning in my legs! I’m absolutely positive about this and there is definitely a connection. I’ve mentioned this to the hospital, but they just put it down to the MS doing its thing basically.

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Hi, I find after I have been to the chiropractor my lower back pain goes and also the tingling is not has bad, so I try and go to the chiropractor every few months.


I’ve been suffering from the hug since diagnosis in 2005. It has stayed with me since then. For about the last year I’ve had the terrible lower back pain. If I stand to wash a few dishes for example I have to sit down after about 3 minutes because the pain is so bad. In March I was sent by my neuro for a 2nd MRI and it showed new lesions at the base of my spinal cord so I was told that this is what is causing the pain.

Have you asked your neuro about this?

The pain is excruciating so I know what you mean.

I hope you get some sort of relief soon.

Shazzie x

I have lower back pain and leg pain when standing, it could be the sciatic nerve and am being referred to the pain management team. Like Shazzie standing up when washing up can be painful for me.

Three weeks ago I tried acupuncture for the first time and I did get relief from some of the pain for ten days. Then I slept on a very firm bed at my parents home over Xmas and the pains returned.

I’m willing to try different things to help with the pain. My local holistic therapy clinic does low cost Friday sessions. I have my second session tomorrow.

The placebo effect can be 20%, some say 30% may be it was that, who knows.