What is this pain

I’m not diagnosed yet a limbo lander but is what I’m experiencing nerve pain? I really don’t know and don’t know what is causing it. It could be a bad back, I mean my posture is rubbish always has been and I know my back is not strong at the bottom. I’m in constant pain with the base of my back, buttocks, hips, backs of thighs, calfs, feet and ankles. I’m 32 and can’t believe my body feels like this. I’ve sent my partner to the supermarket to get the strongest nurofen for inflamation, see if they help. Now I can go to bed like this, thankfully get to sleep and in the morning I have no pain and its like it was never there apart from bottom of my back feel bruised. Could this be a ms thing? Does it sound like nerve pain or a lesion or something somewhere? Does it sound more like a general back problem or a slipped disc? Occasionally if I move from side to side when sitting down or I get up i can feel something sort of click. Then sometimes I’ll have random stabbing pains in the front of my shins! Nightmare, any thoughts welcome.

I honestly don’t know it could be but I’m far from an expert. Have you seen a GP? Might be worth asking them for some advice as there are plenty of drugs to help nerve pain. Or maybe an MRI of your spine to check all the discs are in place? Defiantly worth speaking to your GP about though, you shouldn’t have to live in pain. Hope you feel better soon, L.

Hi there, It does sound to me like nerve root pain, possibly caused through prolapsed or degenerative discs, but it could also be MS based, if indeed you do have MS. To be sure, I would definitely do as Leora advises and see your GP. Only an MRI will determine the cause of your problems. Good luck x

Thankyou guys for your input, there’s definately something going on, sometimes there’s nothing at all, then it’s the whole bottom half of me is in continuous pain. I’m gonna see the doc soon so I’m going to bring it up again. It isn’t something I should have to put up with, it needs further investigation.