Sciatica or MS pain?

I have had pain going from between my hip and knee in the past. This past few days it has been so bad that it’s keeping me awake at night. I have no lower back pain or pain in my buttocks so I don’t think it’s sciatica. I’m also getting electric shocks in my toes. I was going to see my gp but she is useless with MS so I rang my nurse. She is giving me a nerve painkiller beginning with G (can’t remember the name). I sometimes get a similar feeling in my arm but nowhere near as bad. The leg in question is my bad leg that has gone completely numb in the past. Does anyone else get this. It does feel like a trapped nerve but I really don’t think it is sciatica.

Hi there - I get this from time to time as well and it can be annoying - I found acupuncture very good for it…worth a try…there’s plenty over here in NI…

Thank you Redman. I am hoping to get my medication today as the pain is still keeping me awake. Its Gabapenten (sp) that she is trying me on. I have tried amitriptyline before but made me feel too drowsy during the day.