Pain from ms or could it be sciatica?

Hi peeps, Undiagnosed. For a year following 1st attack I have had pain in my legs especially my right. I last saw neuro in sept & he said sciatica that could last for 18months. Last night I had the pain really bad, bottom on my back all in my right leg, buttock, ankle, burning, aching & the occasional pin prick feeling. Took co codimol & it did seem to take the edge off the pain. Woke up this morning right leg really painful again but once I was up & moving about I now have no pain at all. Do you think this genuinely be sciatica pain or related to it or do you think it sounds like ms neuropathic pain?


Well, it would be neuropathic pain in the case of sciatica, too, so very hard to tell. However, in someone diagnosed with MS (not sure if you are or not), I’d be inclined to suspect MS as the most probable cause of nerve pain. Not all this “sciatica”, “trapped nerve” etc. people seem to keep being told they’ve got. Obviously, I don’t know the detailed reasons why your neuro thought sciatica, and not MS. But if someone has a condition that’s well-known to cause nerve pain, I do find it odd that the finger’s so often pointed to something else. Particularly if these pains only began after you had an MS attack. Why would you coincidentally develop sciatica, right after you’d had an MS attack, if you were never prone to it in the past?

It might be one of those things you never find out for sure. I’m not sure treatment’s any different, whichever one it was?