Sciatica Nerve Pain Due to MS

I was diagnozed in 2001. I’ve had bouts of sciatica pain for years, but nothing like this. It can’t be a pinched nerve (I don’t think) because 2 weeks ago it was on my left side, and so bad I could barely move at all (much less walk). Today it’s on my right side with the same amount of pain.

Also, both times it came on suddenly and not because of anything I was doing. I was standing still when a spasmy like sensation went right across the sciatica area (last night) and since then I can’t walk at all.

Has anyone else had this symptom of MS?

Yes I have this alot and stopped me doing anything for months, it would swap sides. After being mess around for a year I had a back mri, mt local hospital just said back was fine. I took this further and saw 2 consultants seperate from my ms consultant who said I had 2 prolapsed disks, nothing to do with ms…I think its easy to disregard you if you have ms so I would see a back specialist or even physio to start as I have my life back after physio etc zoe xx

Yes I have this but I have psoriatic arthritis, as well as ms. Don’t assume everything is down to the ms and think about getting it checked out. Good luck :slight_smile:

My MS was initially diagnosed as sciatica, following the birth of my son.

I would get it checked out anyway though.

That is how I was originally diagnosed in 1999 and now going through it again. The ER doctors still only treat for back not the MS. Gave me lidocaine patches and a muscle relaxer which does NOTHING for nerve pain. So now I have to lay here like a lump because I cannot sit, stand, or walk. Missing days of work. They told me to call my neurologist on Monday. Nice right?!