pain in my leg

hi all,

i have really bad pain in my left leg, it started in my heel a few days ago and ignored it as one of the symptoms to ignore as it might be a twist or a knock. today it has crept up to my buttock and is perticually painfull from the back of my knee to my bum.

i have no dx but take gabapentin and have co-codamol but they are not helping. my right leg is uaually the worse and most painful and stiff.

i have not injured my self or done anything to cause the pain.

i know i am going to have to go to the doctors if the pain keeps up but i just needed to share this a “problem shared” thingy.

lorraine x

Hello. Sorry to hear you are having this horrid pain. I’m a limbolander like you. I had similar pain but in my right side back/buttock/all the way down the leg to the foot. I was told it was likely to be sciatica. I also was already taking gabapentin. Its a good idea to go to doctor, mine gave me naproxen at its worst, to reduce any inflammation, which I think helped, but I am still left with some pain, apparently coming from a couple of bulging discs in back. I found it best to try and keep moving as much as possible and use heat/cold to sooth the area. All the best, nipper.

I would suggest sciatica too, but I’m not sure if that ever first starts in someone’s foot. Probably best to see your GP to get it checked out. Karen x