Painful legs

Hi feel like I live on this forum at the moment. Just about every symptom I have had over the past three months has cleared up. However my legs over the last few days are in absolute agony. I’m getting some spasms in different body parts but my legs the most and the bottom of my legs are killing. Feels like all the blood is rushing to them and aching like crazy. They are ok when I walk but hurt with rest and when I’m sat down. My neuro did give me some muscle relaxant to take at night but I have had to take them in the day as well as can’t stand the pain. Anyone experienced this? And I wonder if I contact my neuro if they will give me some advice. Considering he seems to think this is all in my head x

Allo. I wonder if the pain in your legs is spasticity? It causes tightening and rigidity,as well as spasms.

Are you on baclofen? That is the usual drug for these symptoms. BUT be aware…it can also cause weakness and falls.

I am also wondering if it is nerve pain…I had severe pain in my thighs and bum cheeks…amitriptyline stopped it altogether. Different folk report a variety of reactions/benefits…it has to be slowly introduced, usually at 10/25 mg. I got up to 100mg before it zapped the pain. I am now happily on 75g at night.

luv Pollx

Hi Jojow.

Im sorry to hear you are having a hard time, it most certainly is not in your head tho.

I have this in my legs quit often, althought not as bad since i have been on amitriptyline 50mg at night.

last summer when i did have it real bad, it was dredful and is very hard to explain the feeling to someone. i found it did help some what to wear tubi grips on my leggs or some of those compression stockings, also i took co codamole 30/500mg.

I do hope yours settle down for you soon

take care

sharon x

Thanks both for your replies. I’m unsure if it’s spasticity but I think it prob is. The pain doesn’t really feel like nerve pain, it feels like it’s right on my bones and muscles but has really hurt a lot today. I will try for one of these medications you have both suggested thanks x

Hi Jojow,

I get similar pain in my legs especially my right one, like you I have had lots of symptoms most of which come and go but the leg pain has been persistant for the last year, sometimes the calf muscle tightens and spasms other times its like you describe bone pain and Im waiting to go for a DEXA scan too, I also experience burning in my legs especially when they are resting aswell as nerve pain and pins and needles. Seems my legs got the worst part of the deal. My physio has been the most helpful and understanding so far for me personally, still to see neuro. Hope you feel better soon.

Karen xx


I get alot of pain in my lower legs, anckles and feet when I am resting too. Its usually in the evening and when I try to stand my legs don’t want to work and become stiff. I take a lower co-codomal as i am afraid I may start to rely on it. 8/500. Its enough to take the edge off for me. I am not diagnosed for these symtptoms but I do worry it could be to do with circulation. Hope you get more answers soon. xx

Thanks Karen and medion, I am also bothered that it’s a bone problem or circulation and I hope we all get some answers soon. It’s really frustrating going through this process and I wish they would just take me in hospital and run a load of tests yo get to the bottom of this. Doubt that will happen for me as my neuro still telling me it’s all in my head. Wish I could give this pain to him for a couple of days then he would know how real it is x

I also get simular constant pain too but in my left leg feels like sharp stabbing pain in the thigh muscle. . I have mustle atrophy in left leg too. With several other symptoms. . Burning sensations but on both legs just above the knees… freezing cold feet… Im currently taking 40mg amitriptyline at night and 900mg gabapenetin a day which the ami gets me to sleep at night but in agony during the day… Also physio has given me a walking stick!! Which helps!! Just waiting now for follow up with nuro which is next mon to discuss results of full spine mri… Hope we all get some answers soon I feel your pain… Vickie.x

Thanks for the reply Vickie. I’m not yet at the point where I need a stick. My pain is worse when I’m sat down than with movement. I hope they find something on your spine to explain it all as my spine was completely fine so I have no explanations x


I have the exact same leg pain you talk about here in this post. Even to say - when I stand up and walk it feels better, but when I sit down it hurts even worse. If your Neuro thinks it’s all in your head, give your Neuro The Broom!

I can’t explain the pain - it clearly is an MS thing. But it really hurts bad and is so annoying.