Leg Pain

Hi all :slight_smile: I’m having leg pain all the time, and it’s particularly bad when I wake the morning. Does anybody else have this problem? Kaz xx

Hi there I’ve just started having this trouble but in my hip!. It’s sore all day and painful if I move however a lot worse in the mornings :frowning: Ibuprofen and voltarol gel are my new friends

I am! Bad in the hips, legs and feet at the moment. Aches if I stand and painful if I sit. At first I thought it was sciatica but it’s not the same as I’ve ever had before. It can suddenly disappear or ease off for an hour then it’s back again. Getting fed up with it

Sharon x

Hi. What kind of pain is it? Is it a dull ache or more of a sharp pain?

I`ve had both and know what caused them.

The ache was due to foot drop. I had to lift and swing the leg out to avoid falling over. It may be remedied if you can get help from a physio and or the use of something like FES or SAFO…both aids to walking.

The sharp pain was nerve pain. I had it at the back of both thighs and in the bottom cheeks. It was excrutiating. Amitriptyline sorted it.

See you GP and ask to be referred to physio. A GP locum prescribed amitriptyline for me.

Hope this helps.

luv Pollx

Thank you so much for your replies, they’re all very helpful.

My knee has been giving me terrble trouble (it’s the one that buckles regularly) and I have been referred for an X-Ray and Physio.

Other than that it’s mostly deep muscle pain in my thighs, but I get painful shins as well,

Oh well, just another part of the rollercoaster I guess :wink:

Kaz xxx