What has happened to my legs?


I have just been in Hopsital for 5 days following sudden headache and odd sensations in my arms and legs. Admitted for possible subarachnoid haemorrhage. CT, LP, MRI and angiogram all clear for a bleed. (LP not conclusive as had blood in but they were happy following the angiogram).

Anyway since discharge my legs have been causing me real problems. They ache all the time. They feel like I have climbed a mountain when i go up stairs and I have to sit down. I get stabbing pain in the side of my knee. The paracetamol and naproxen don’t seem to touch it and it’s exacerbated when i lie down to sleep.
I don’t think they looked at my CSF iN terms of MS and no lesions have ever been seen on MRIs of my

Today I had to walk for about 15 mins each way for an appointment and stand at a railway station. Standing was more painful than walking at the time. My legs are now becoming unbearably painful from my hips down to my ankles.

I have 2 questions:

  1. is this problem familiar to those with a diagnosis of MS? Is it the more you do the more they hurt?
  2. what is the best way to relieve the leg pain? Is it rest, a bath, stronger pain relief. I would really appreciate any help as my legs are really hurting.

Thank you.

Hi, I also suffer with painful legs and struggle walking on any type of incline, So I know what you mean about mountains! I keep as active as possible and push through the pain and difficulty, not every day as bad. I find elevating my legs slightly with a pillow can ease the pain when laying down. Exercise appears to be over rated. Had Physio out to give me leg strengthening exercises and I cycle for half hr three times a week, neither actually helps when walking on anything other than a flat surface. On really bad days I resort to pain relief at night only, it allows me a few hours sleep at least. I feel your pain, keep your chin up your not alone. Kelly
PS: I feel it will only be much harder without the exercise though!

Thank you Kelly

I appreciate your reply. Sorry to hear you suffer with this. Thank you for the tips I will try elevating my legs now. I have always had uncomfortable legs at bed time but this is another level.

Hello again

Does anyone get a buzz in their leg and foot? This is a new one for me but I just finished the shop and the school run and in addition to the aches in both one leg at the calf ankle and foot feels like it is gently buzzing.

Thanks for any insight. I have no diagnosis. Seeing Neuro again end of May.