How do yours feel?

Lol sorry if thats a bit of an odd question, but mine cant seem to make up their mind what they're doing at the moment... the top halves numb and burning at the same time (I cant work that one out?), they then turn to jelly when walking, yet sometimes really stiffen up when walking :/

Me too ?  Weird.  Although I have recently started taking Baclofen, but am slightly regretting it letdown

Hot weather does not suit me so I will be staying in the shade this week cool

which also affects my legs ?  Weird-o !



I'm not dx yet..but I have problems with my legs...a few years ago my left knee was very painful and used to give way when walking...thats gone now...but it feels like its at a strange angle sometimes. Both my legs feel weak and jelly like, and I have a gushing feeling in my left one from ankle to knee. Sometimes they buzz too!



Yep, that`s just some of the weird and wonderful (not) things which happen in MS.

I take baclofen and quinine for my legs. They help about 80% of the time.

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