Hi there

was walking to the shops today and the weirdest thing happend that has worried me a bit today.scared2

i was walking along and i was suddenly aware of a numb feeling in my right thigh/hip to the outside.  i could slap it and it just felt numb and well that dead feeling when you lie and sleep on your arm. it then went away after about 5 mins when i had a rest.  when i touch it now i doesnt feel 100% . i was walking well just like i normally do slow and with a wee limp bt i get there

unfortunaetly i am a slave to the car now but i have no assistance needed wth walkingbut i do tend to avoid long walks on my own. silly i know....

when i wake in the morning those bits are numb feeling too so wonder why?? anyone else?

any advice appreciated'

joolyx hello

Hi there,

Numbness (anywhere!) is one of the commonest symptoms of MS, so I'm quite surprised you haven't noticed anything like this before.

If it's new for you, it might technically be part of a relapse, but I find bits of me quite often don't feel right, even when I'm not relapsing - as far as I know.

Sometimes I find it's aggravated by stress, tiredness, or just staying too long in one position.

When I had the relapse which led to my diagnosis, I had completely numb feet - insensitive to touch, heat, cold, even pain!  I could still control them, just not feel them.

Gradually, the sensation did return.

Probably not 100%.  But I can at least now tell if I have wet socks on, or am standing on something sharp!  There was a phase when I couldn't.  In fact, for a while, I had no sense of standing on anything.  I couldn't feel the ground pressing back at me, which gave me a strange sense of not being as real as I used to be. confused


I got exactly the opposite:
My left shoe is always too tight across the toes - even when I am barefoot.
My right foot always feels like I have a shoe full of gravel.

That is MS in a nutshell - different for everyone!

The really weird thing from my point of view was at the onset. The numbness was spreading up from my toes up toward my armpits. My drive to the office included some roundabouts, and I could no longer feel the side of the seat presing against me going round the roundabout. That brought it home to me that some of the information that the brain proceses to tell you how fast you are going does not come through your eyes. Happily, the remission started just a few days later.


There is another possible reason for numbness in this area that you might consider. It is often due compression/pinching of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. This is frequently seen in pregnancy, in individuals who suddenly gain weight, and patients who wear tight belts (esp with a beer gut) or tight-waist clothing.

hi thanks for the replies. when i had my major relapse i went numb from the waist down for 4 weeks which gradualy got better. this one was a weird one as it only was a small area. no tingling just a weird sensation.  thankfully i have had no relapses since then so always kinda worry when somethings different,


thanks again]


Sometimes numbness can occur briefly then go away, whereas other times it can stay.  I suffer numb hands and feet, plus the side of my face where I suffered ON.  That numbness hasnt gone away after 11 years.


When my legs went totally numb from the waist down it was overnight, I noticed when I couldnt get out of bed.  Then the following morning (after trying hard to reach loo, having much trouble without help) my leg feeling came back but boy did they hurt?  My back hurt just before, so expect something was being twigged?


Hope you get your full sensation back.  This ms does play tricks with us, anyone looking in without knowing about ms would think we make these things up.


Take care,




i know the feeling of legs going numb, i was horse riging one day in december and my left leg just went numb (not the most convient of times!!) meaning getting off was difficult to say the least, i phoned my ms nurse up and ended up having steroids (again), a few weeks later my right leg went numb scared2 and very painful!! so im now confined to the car (which is very annoying as i love walking and horse riding which i can no longer do crying2

i am having physio for it at the min  which is very helpful to me so hopefully i will be back to normal soon 

hope there is a cure for everyone soon!!! 

jo xthumbsup