Weird numbness- is it MS?

Hello everyone, I have had MS for 9 years and in recent years it’s been mercifully quite, with just the odd bit of numbeness here and there. 5 months ago I re-located country and with the associated stress invovled in this I had numbness in one side for a few weeks but then recovered from that. Things are still a little stressful, with some money worries, but hey, who doesn’t have those, when, about 2 days ago I noticed the top of my right thigh, just above the knee is numb. I just wondered if anyone could advise me- could this be MS? The reason I ask is that although it does feel like MS numbness, it’s only affecting the middle of my leg and normally when I get this numbness, it starts in my extremeties and in recent years has tended to go for my arms not legs, although it has happened in my legs before, but only when I’ve been much iller all round. Thanks very much in advance, Lion

Hi Lion A patch of “numbness” just above my right knee was my very first syptom of MS. echo x

Thanks for the reply echo :slight_smile: I realise it sounds like a really stupid question but I wanted to know whether to suspect something else, or just go ‘oh, ok, just MS’!

Yup. ‘just’ MS, I’d say. I often have small attacks of numbness in random places - usually extremities (all of them :frowning: ), but sometimes scalp/upper leg/face etc

Arsenic, well, thanks, I guess!! I’m not sure whether to be sligtly reassured (that it’s not something else) or just annoyed with it!! Today it’s spread over my leg and is affecting my foot too, but still not toes, which is weird, for me anyway! But I’m now moving more towards the annoyed side of the spectrum!! But thanks both for your comments, it’s much appreciated, Lion, :slight_smile:

Hi This may well be your MS but then again it may not be. Having MS doesn’t mean we are excused from other illnesses/conditions. The sensible thing would be to get it checked out by a medical professional just to make sure Good Luck!

Hi, I got up and dressed today and felt numbness on the back of my thighs… thought it was MS related until I found a sock down each trouser leg!! What a relief! Hope yours doesn’t last too long. Jen x

Hi A patch of numbness on my left forearm and numb fingers and thumb My GP suspects carple tunnel for the numb hand (and I’m waiting for an appt at Royal Orthopedic) but is bemused by the numb arm so = ‘possibly someting to do with your MS Clare.’ :? Numbness in my soul?? = probably something to do with pushing myself too hard :roll: Clarexxx

And I don’t knoiw the difference between Left and RIGHT :oops: - right forearm = numb Brain = Away with the fairies :roll: Clarexxx

Hi Lion A patch of numbness on my left thigh just above my left knee, was the symptom I had that took me to the doctors in the first place & finally ended up as an MS diagnosis. Over a couple of weeks it spread to most of my leg & lower back, was eventually given a course of steroids after my lumbar puncture which helped. Now although my leg is occasionally numb & painful it has improved, Hope this helps & good luck Andrea xxxx

“I’m not sure whether to be sligtly reassured (that it’s not something else) or just annoyed with it!!”

Be both! It’s all part of the joy of living with the disease…