Numb patch

Hi since the MS symptoms started in 2007 and until diagnosis last year I have had an area of numbness above my knee which recently has started to move down one side of knee. Is this the way the nerves are attacked? When they do the feel test I always feel next to nothing in that area. MS or just normal for everyone? Thank you x

hi joanne

i should think it’s ms and not normal for everyone because what is normal?

let your ms nurse know about it.

if you can’t get in touch see your gp so that it gets on your medical records.

carole x

Thank you for your prompt reply Carole. I am new to all this and for a long time, as for many people here, I was unsure while I was getting the strange symptoms. Obviously numbness is nothing compared to the pain of spasms but it is very unsettling. I get numbness moving around nose, never thought it was anything to do with MS. Everyday is a school day as they say.

many thanks again x

I have numbness in the middle of my left thigh. It’s MS…

Thank you Dave! It seemed such a random place I had assumed it would come down from the brain or up from feet and not smack bang in the middle of my leg! MS certainly is a very odd condition

I have a patch on my left forearm that had no sensation at all for about 4 months, it now has limited sensation - all due to my MS-like demyelinating condition (Neuro’s words - waiting for a relapse for positive dx).

I’m speaking to gp on Thursday. I have fallen 5 times in last 3 weeks, the patch of numbness seems to have gone to side of knee, wondering if that is the cause?? . Burst into tears driving to work today. Sobbing my heart out for absolutely no reason …guessing it’s a relapse?? Certainly different from previous 4 lots of attacks