Is this MS

Hi everyone

I was dx with MS 2 years ago, and this only came about as a result of numbness & Pain in my left leg. Since then I have had no relapses (that I know of) and just live with the pain in my leg.

Yesterday I noticed a similar numbness in my back, this seemed to get worse very quickly and I ended up taking painkillers as it got quite sore and painful. This morning this area is now numb to the touch, very sore and i am experiencing some pain.

I dont really understand much about MS and was wondering if anyone has experienced this and whether it is a relapse.

What course of action should i take if any.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks Andrea xx

Hiya Andrea

Is it ‘in’ your back or is it the skin thats the problem? If skin then its something I am very familiar with! Try changing the temperature of the affected area,cool (towel thats been in freezer) works better for me than heat. But we are all unique, just like everyone else, so hope you find your relief.

The whole of the right side of my back has been like this since just before Easter, the towel takes the edge of it and so I I am able to cope with the ‘tightness’ and surface pain at this level, it will diminish eventually. I am aware that some folk take steroids to assist such things, I have had them twice and they done nowt at all for me so I dont take them now-sitting it out as I can.

Take care, Ellie x

Hello Andrea.

Yes this appears to be some symptoms of MS.If you read others peoples threads and comments and the information on the site you can read up on MS symptoms.

I get pain through my body but some times it maybe pain in one or both legs and one arm or just a hand etc.Then I get those days were pain is crippling and my whole body hurts.

I get numb patches in my legs more than any other part of my body.You can have mild symptoms of MS that ease or come and go.Or you can have sever symptoms such as spasticity/full or partial body stiffness.MS can give a range of symptoms and no two days are alike.

If the symptoms get worse I would certainly make an appointment to see your GP.He/she may prescribe a mild painkiller or stronger one depending on how bad it is,there are also other medications for spasms etc.

A good idea is to rest when you get these type of symptoms as work such as cleaning can make them worse.But do not just ignore the symptoms and hope they go away.If your feeling pain and uncomfortable then please see your GP.