Numb patches (please please help)

I’ve had numb patches in various places (back, hip, fingers) for 7 months, they haven’t gotten worse but they haven’t gone away either. Can this happen in RRMS for so long?

Last week I began to feel dizzy and more patches appeared along with heaviness and weakness in my right arm and leg. Could this be a relapse? Please please give me some feedback :frowning:

Hello, All I can say is regarding numb patches (in my case) is that they are directly related to where I have lesions (and this is for MS in general). The areas of damage, lesions, is what gives you the symptoms. Before I was diagnosed I had a lot of weird sensations and they were not permanent. Symptoms came and went, came and went etc. When I saw the Neuro it all made sense to him, he never said anything to me until I was diagnosed. I now get numb patches on my legs which are intermittent and a previous relapse has now left me with semi permanent numb feet. That is because my MS has hit my spine the most. The fact your patches are in various places, doesn’t make me think of MS but I am no Neuro, just a neurological patient. I have seen your previous posts and I really understand how frightening strange symptoms are but I want to advise you against focussing on one particular disease. Odd symptoms can be due to numerous causes, most of which are not so serious. Write everything down when they happen and for how long. This will help you to explain everything to the Neuro, it helped me calm my nerves with my Neuro. You are so young, take a deep breath and take one day at a time. As I say write everything down ready for your appointment but also in the meantime, by writing it down it may help you get it all out, rather than it swirling around in your head which will only be making your anxiety worse. I am not very good at giving advice but I hope to try and reassure you. Sam

I know it’s so weird that I have so many all my doctors keep saying that! I’m more concerned with the heaviness in my right side. I’m trying to stay positive but I don’t know what else it could be and I’ve seen so many people with PPMS describe the same symptoms as me so I’m freaking out :frowning: it’s all happening so fast. I feel like I’m not being taken seriously because I’m so young. I do suffer with anxiety but I’m no hypochondriac. I’ve already dealt with my fair share of health issues including a heart condition that I’m monitored for constantly. But this terrifies me