MS or anxiety

I’m at my wit’s end with worry here, since May i’ve had a numb patch on my back and since about September I’ve had one on my hip. Several doctors have told me it’s nothing to worry about but they’re still there. Last Tuesday I noticed a numb patch on my thumb, the next day I got one on my finger, then the day after that one on my wrist and today I have a numb patch on the roof of my mouth and on my heel. I also feel light headed and everything I lift with my right arm seems heavier. Could this all just be anxiety or do MS symptoms come on this fast? Please answer if you read this because I’m so worried I cant stop crying :frowning: I’m only 22

I also remember my hands tingling a few years ago but I thought nothing of it. I really would appreciate any help

I dont have any answers for you, all i can say is im going through the same thing and i feel like im losing my mind. I hope with all my heart that it is just anxiety for both of us. Try to hang in there :confused:

Thank you, I’m so worried. I can’t grip things with my thumb anymore either :frowning: I’m praying it’s psychosomatic

I’m in limbo - but the best advice I can say is TRY not to panic. Just speak with your GP xx

I don’t know what I’ll do.

please stop worrying.

easier said than done, i know.

see your GP and ask for a referral to neurology.

carole x

I’m seeing my GP tomorrow. I really can’t see it being good news. I’m just terrified of all the uncertainty

Good luck for tomorrow, if you have someone you can take with you it may be a good plan. Hugs

Going to the GP today, I’m so scared. My symptoms have been none stop since May so im scared i have ppms, I’m only 22 :frowning: please let this be anxiety :’(

Saw the GP today and she said she couldn’t feel the weakness that I mentioned and that my symptoms don’t sound like MS. She’s referred me to a neurologist just to reassure me so hopefully that’ll be the end of that.

Hugs, hopefully in your area it’s quicker, but where I live an ‘urgent appointment’ is about 3 months. A normal appointment 6 months. Just saying to prepare you !

I’m willing to pay privately, I can’t sleep with the anxiety

I suggest you leave it a week or so then phone the hospital appointments team and ask them, a) do they have the referral and b) how long is the wait for an NHS appointment likely to be.

If you can’t wait the time it would take for the NHS appointment, then you’ll need to do a bit of digging about to find a private neuro. The best thing is to find a private neurologist who specialises in MS in your locality, but one who also has an NHS practice. (If such a person exists in your area.)

Try to get an appointment with them, you may still require a referral from your GP, but by the sounds of it, that won’t be a problem. Have your initial appointment. If the private neurologist thinks there’s a need for tests and more investigation, they could refer you back to their NHS practice.

MRI tests cost a lot, as do lumbar punctures and other necessary tests to diagnose, or rule out MS or other neurological disorders. So having them on the NHS, assuming there’s a need for them, would be wise unless you have plenty of money.

Otherwise, you could just hang fire. Your GP doesn’t think your symptoms sound like MS. It’s likely that you don’t have MS. Try to get that thought settled in your mind, wait for the NHS appointment and be guided by the doctors.


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