Worried all the time - not diagnosed

Hi guys, I’m new to this forum and was wondering if anybody could tell me whether or not I’m going mad! For the last six months I’ve had numb patches on my back, hip and wrist. These patches pop up suddenly and I can tell when they’ve popped up because I immediately get a weird sensation in that area. Yesterday a new patch popped up on my thumb. I’ve seen 4 doctors who have all told me it’s definitely not MS, including a doctor in France who did a neuro exam on me following an ear infected (I wasn’t worried about MS at that time, French doctors were just very thorough because of my dizziness). Since then I’ve had 2 other neurological exams which have all been fine and because I’m having no other symptoms I’ve been told not to worry.

Anyway! I called 111 last night because my thumb went numb and I spoke to a GP, she was very understanding that I’m worried about these weird sensations, or lack thereof. She wants to refer me to a neurologist just because of how long my symptoms have lasted however, she assured me that it doesn’t sound like MS whatsoever.

Id really just like to know your opinions, I’m hoping it’s caused by stress or something as my symptoms started following a very stressful solo move to France to study.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: everyone at home is fed up of my worrying. Also I’m a 22 year old female.


do try not to worry, Worried.

stress just makes all symptoms worse.

your doctor sounds great so leave it in her hands.

another referral to neurology is a good idea so you can unload your worries then.

carole x

Thank you Carole, I’m just beside myself with worry all the time. It feels like areas of my skin just keep getting “switched off”. I also remember having tingling hands 2 years ago which I thought nothing of but now I’m praying there’s no connection!

Hi Have a look at This should tell you what you need to know about MS relapses. For what it’s worth, I suspect your GP is right (as were the earlier Doctors) and it’s probably not MS. But as your excellent GP is referring you to a neurologist, then try not to be so worried. If there is a neurological cause to these symptoms you are having, then a neurologist will find it. Sue

Thank you sue, I hope that’s the case. Today my finger and one of my toes went numb too, Just out of the blue. Is this typical of MS? I’m really starting to panic

Can anyone help me? I have small numb patches on my arm, hip, back, thumb, wrist and finger. They all appeared in the last 6 months after a stressful time. I’ve been told this isn’t typical of MS