Is this MS????

Hi, I have been having symptoms for nearly a year now. My GP diagnosed me with anxiety which to be honest I think was partially correct - but I am sure my anxiety came from the symptoms I suddenly started getting - tingling, numbness, such tiredness, weak arm and leg so I walk differently and scuff when I walk etc. Nearly a year later I have been back yet again and was firm with the fact that emotionally I felt fine but stated the same symptoms that are still there. He (thankfully) took me seriously, did some basic neurology tests and immediately said he would refer me to a neurologist as he thought it was possible I have MS. Myself and my husband have been sure that there was a physical reason for my problems for a while, but now it has moved on to this stage I’m in a bit of a state. I keep thinking that perhaps I’m over thinking/ exaggerating the symptoms and that I will be a fraud when I eventually get a neurology appt (I work at a GP surgery and the wait her for an appt is 6 months). I don’t know whether to tell anyone yet or not - did anyone else feel like this?? Thanks. Carrie x


I know just what you mean about wondering whether this is not something serious and just “all in my head”.

You’re not alone