Hi all, ive only posted on here a few times as i feel a bit of a fraud. Ive been to see my GP who referred me to a Neurologist, however ive still got another 6 weeks to wait. My GP never actually said what he suspected but i think from his questions and the tests he did, he was leaning towards MS. I arrived with a great list of symptoms, and he did say that they could mean something together, or individually they could all be problems in their own right. When i look up the symptoms i have, i have a lot and im very aware that a lot of people with MS dont generally have all these symptoms and a few more have developed over the past few weeks. Im wondering if im noticing these ‘symptoms’ because im now aware of what im looking for or if they are infact developing.

My original list of symptoms that i went with was clumsyness, pins and needles, headaches, loss of balance, shooting pain in legs (randomly), fuzzy head, still knees.

since then, ive also written down forgetfulness, shooting pain in wrists (but only when actually using my wrists), slurred speech (this was only for a few minutes yesterday, but it really unnerved me), extreme tiredness and gritty/sore/dry eyes.

To be fair, im not really sure what im asking. I think im just after some reassurance as all these symptoms are really mild, yet they are definately there. I dont want to be wasting anyone’s time, yet im noticing more and more things. Would any of you consider calling the neurology department and requesting to be put on the cancellation list or calling the Gp to see if they can move it up? I feel like im being really dramatic, but at the same time, im really worried.

Thanks in advance for reading this waffle. x

If the symptoms are making you anxious, which from what you say in your post, they are, then it’s worth asking to be put on the cancellation list. All you need to say is you are developing new symptoms and you would like to be sooner. They may not be able to get you in any quicker, but this way at least it’s one less thing to worry about. Hope you get seen soon.

thanks for your reply.

Hi - agree definitely ask to be put on the cancellation list. I have a usually fantastic neuro. I do remember in the beginning when I brought up a lot of symptoms like tingling, numbness, painful toe he did say I was being hypersensitive to my body. I did feel like I was being fobbed off and he was talking rubbish and of course all of these problems were MS. Just be prepared this might happen. I really hope that you don’t have MS. But if this is on your mind it might be worth a read of NICE guidelines to MS. This gives accurate reliable information including what you are entitled to so you can ask - rather than problems encountered with Dr Google. It does sound as though your symptoms are mild in the MS scheme if indeed you do,have MS. - You might not. But not mild in the fact that they are bothering you. So don’t be fobbed off by any neuro. Lets hope you have a good one. Hope this helps and I haven’t scared you Hugs Min xx

Hi, The worst thing you can do is trawl the web looking for symptoms as you imagine all sorts of things. Wait until you see a neuro, and whatever you do don’t tell them you’ve looked on the net as they don’t appreciate it one bit. Wait until you had tests done and get a true Dx. Hope this helps and I wish you lots of luck. Janet x

thanks so much for your replies. thats really helpful.

i did ring the hospital but they dont use a cancellation list so ill just wait.

thanks for the advise. what is the best way to handle the initial appointment to avoid being fobbed off?

I’ll need to take my list with me otherwise i cant remember everything, but im conscious of the consultant thinking that ive looked up MS and simply written everything down. As i said in my original post, my GP has never mentioned MS so i may be barking up the wrong tree completely, but i certainly dont feel like it and something is definately not right. I can bear to wait this long and be dismissed.

Hi fruitpolo

I kow it’s MUCH easier said than done but try not to analyse your symptoms too much while waiting for your appointment. Six weeks can seem like ages but at least your GP made the referral straight away - it seems that some GPs take a lot of convincing before even getting to that stage. Like you, I have a lot of strange symptoms that may or may not be MS - some symptoms I’ve had on and off for years, some for months and some that are pretty new. I don’t have a dx, so may or may not have MS and I constantly ask myself if my most recent symptoms are ‘real’ or just a consequence of me becoming obsessed with the possibility I may have MS - so I know how you feel on that front. Taking a list with you is a good idea - I did that when I had my first neuro appointment last week and it was helpful.

Good luck x