Any Advice most grateful

Hi All Any advice would put my mind at rest. Ive been feeling anxious and have been displaying symptons of MS for some time. It started with feeling dizzy and having blurred vision and loss of concentration for months now. In the last 6 weeks ive had tingling in all parts especially in the lower legs and arms.And seem to struggle with walking where my foot goes numb and I feel like im going to fall over. This only seems to happen in certain situations where I feel anxious or am in unfamilar surroundings. I havent fallen over but the turns are quite scary. Ive been to the doctors and had all the blood tests and they have come back all clear. Ive been referred to a neuro dept which is 3 months from now. The symptons come and go all the time but seem to happen every day now. Does anyone have any experience of these issues. I dont know wether some of the things that happen are because I think they are going to happen if that makes sense.I seem to be able to swim and cycle and have been lucky enough to have led an active lifestyle at the moment I feel like Im not going to be able to do anything soon. The best thing at the moment would be for someone to tell me what I have got so I can deal with it. If anybody has had any similar experiences good or bad that they could share it would be much appreciated .

Hi Corsh,

Unfortunately there are so many things that can ‘mimic’ MS, it can be a very slow process to reach a diagnosis and to work out what is going on. Although you have MS-type symptoms, there really is no telling what it could be without more investigation.

It’s good that you have the neuro appointment in the diary. Perhaps keep a symptom diary between now and then and you’ll have something concrete to show the neuro.

In the meantime, perhaps go back to your GP and see if they can do anything to help with the symptoms/anxiety?

Hope this helps


Thanks PG

Keep soldiering on is the motto.Thanks for the advice