not yet diagnosed

Hi everyone, Im new on here and havent had a diagnosis yet. My doctor is treating me at the moment as “under suspicsion of MS” and has done lots of blood tests, all of which have come back clear. Ive got an appointment today with the optition and back to Dr tomorrow to discuss the next step.

Its only now that I can look back on the last few years and recognise that I may have had symptoms on and off for a while. Because of their “on and off” manner though, Ive always just either ignored it and got on with it, or explained it away. I have issues with my right hand but assumed it was something to do with breaking my elbow 12 years ago. Everyone gets blurry vision sometimes right, and surely stress can make you forgetful, even in mid sentence? This time has been different which is why I finally went and saw the GP. I got periods of tiredness before, but this wasnt the same. I COULDNT do anything through it, I had to just to rest and sleep. Thats passed a little but Im left currently with very itchy skin (no new products or clothing) and a “patch” for want of a better word on my upper thigh/lower stomach that feels grazed and sore, with no rash or redness or signs at all. Its so sore that wearing jeans is impossible.

Im not suggesting that I necessarily have MS, Im not trying to self diagnose. Part of me is glad that im not just going mad, or even if I am, my GP does seem to be listening to me, though I have to admit I felt a bit of an idiot going and seeing him. Its so hard to discribe things, and its so frustrating trying to find the right words.

Hope you didnt mind me saying hello like this… its kind of made me feel better writing it down! Not sure what to expect next, ive read that it can be a long process finding out for certain what, if anything, is going on. Im more worried about my partner than me at the moment!

Hi Tam, A GP is not at all qualified to speculate on whether or not you have MS. There are loads of conditions with similar symptoms and a neurologist is the only one who can diagnose such things. Your GP needs to refer you to one to rule out or rule in any such conditions. It is good that you feel that your GP listens but he/she cannot do anything else to further your diagnosis and really needs to set a referral in motion. Hopefully, he/she will suggest this as your next step - if not, ask to be referred. Teresa xx

Hi Teresa…

I think thats pretty much whats happening. He says that he believes the indications may point to MS, but did the blood tests to rule out other things, and it was he who suggested the opticians appointment too. He has already indicated that he would be willing to refer and that I may need an MRI, but I dont know if thats something he arranges or if thats done after the referral.

Its all very confusing ,and seems to involve lots of different people and its all very “possible” and “maybe” if that makes sense

Hi Tam, If you receive a referral to a neurologist, then it will be him/her who will then send you for any appropriate tests, including an MRI. I agree, the whole thing is very scary and confusing but try not to worry. Take it a bit at a time and although it may be a slow process (as so many things need to be ruled out and eliminated) you will get there eventually. Unfortunately there isn’t always a definitive test for certain conditions and it is a case of slowly putting together all the pieces of the puzzle. I hope you get somewhere with it all very soon. Try to push it to the back of your mind, in the meantime and get on with your life, as much as you can. I know none of this is easy though. Thinking of you, Teresa xx

Hello Tam, and welcome :slight_smile:

It sounds like you have a GP who actually might know something about MS! It’s sad that I am so surprised, but an awful lot of GPs haven’t done neurology in years and then it was only a module in their (Uni-based) medical degree course :frowning:

As Teresa says, only a neuro can diagnose MS, but your GP seems to be on the case and doing all the right things, so hopefully it won’t be long until you see a neuro and find out if MS is a possibility or if something else might be going on.

There are a lot of things that cause very similar symptoms to MS, some of which are relatively easy to treat, and it’s even possible to have a single MS-like attack and never have another one. This means that it’s best to keep an open mind about what might be going on - hopefully it will come clear soon enough.

Let us know how it goes.

Karen x

Im just back from the optician, and feeling very flat at the moment. Hes referring me to an eye hospital for further checks as he says although hes a qualified optician, he would prefer to get a second opinion. Hes apparently also going to write to my GP to confirm that my eyes are seemingly healthy, but the symptoms need investigation. Im guessing this is normal proceedure…

Thankyou so much for your support - I really am grateful x

Hi I was actually told by my doctor a few weeks ago that she and the Neuro thought id got ms! So I’ve been living last few weeks thinking that I had! Only to recieve a letter today to say nothing had been found in tests! Im annoyed and frustrated that my doctor had told me she thought id got it an even more annoyed to be told by her that the Neuro thought id got it before id had MRI scans done! I wish nothing had been said now. Hope you too will be ok :slight_smile:

Hi Tam, Try not to feel flat. It is probably a good thing that you are being referred to the hospital re: your eyes, as you may see an ophthalmologist who will be able to see if there is something wrong rather than an optician who is not as qualified to find problems. Keep your chin up if possible, Teresa xx