Unsure and worried

Hello everyone, I’m unsure how this works but want some help and advice.

i haven’t had a diagnosis yet as still waiting for results of a few tests.

right of eyesight went funny just after Christmas so I went hospital and had an mri of my head and they found and 1cm White patch in my left temple lobe in my brain which they didn’t know what it was.

now for two weeks I’ve been numb from the waist down. I’ve had a mri of lower spine which was clear and another mri of my head and full spine which came back with another white patch on my brain and a swelling in my spine. I’m still waitin for my lumbar puncture results.

is this likely to be Ms and will the numbers below my waist go back to normal as it’s everywhere, private parts, bum cheeks, legs and feet. My left leg is worse than my right as it feels swollen but isn’t.

Also the skin on my belly hurts when I touch it or if my tshirt touches it and it itches sometimes.

I’m really worried.


hi worrier

ms is notoriously tricky to diagnose.

unfortunately you will have to develop super human patience.

if it is ms, the numbness suggests sensory symptoms which usually have a good prognosis.

worry makes things worse, therefore stop worrying!

it won’t be long until all your results are in.

when you next see the neuro ask for something to ease these symptoms.

carole xx

Hello is there anyone there who can talk

Just see your post Carole. Thanks for getting back to me. Your right it is horrible waiting and I’m just so nervous of the numbness and if it will go as I have 3 small kids. And I don’t know if anyone else has had these symptons and the result of them x

i will try to stop worrying but it’s hard

hi worrier

numbness and pins and needles were my first symptoms and i still have them after 7 years from diagnosis.

however they are not that bad. you get used to it and adapt.

are you safe in the kitchen? can you move hot pans? use knives safely?

i ask this because it would be a concern with 3 small children.

ask for a referral to occupational therapy. the OT will come to your house and walk you through each room, asking where you feel unsafe. they will then arrange for pieces of small equipment to be delivered to your home.

there is nothing to worry about, they are on your side and their help will be invaluable.

i had grab rails fitted in my shower and bath.

a perching stool for when fatigue hits you so that you can still prepare food.

have you stopped all that worrying yet?

like i said sensory symptoms tend to have a good prognosis - i’m still mobile, if wobbly at times.

carole x


yes im fine at the moment, just hate the feeling of numbness as even sitting on the toilet I can’t feel. My left leg is much worse than my right, and even moving my toes on my left, I know I’m doing it but can’t feel it. Even goin to the toilet I have to check I’ve done it. Will this get better?? At the moment I refuse to participate with my partner if u know what I mean as don’t know if I’ll feel it or disappoint. I think my worry will always be there, just wonder if I’ll ever feel normal again. The swollen or tight feeling in my left leg, will that stay or go or the numbness I’m just so confused as they haven’t diagnosed me yet but I have symptons

thanks x

hi worrier

you need to be able to stop thinking about your symptoms all the time. (hard i know but you’ll end up getting depressed).

mindfulness meditation is really good. just 30 mins with ear phones on. it helps with pain relief, is very relaxing and totally brilliant.

take care and cuddle those kids for me

carole x