funny sensation in leg

Yesterday and today I’ve had a weird patch just above my right knee that seems to feel wrong. I guess you would say altered sensation, its cold, and it feels a bit like I’ve been sat with my legs crossed for too long and I’ve lost sensation. Wonder if this is another new symptom? I have been feeling fairly wiped out for the last day or 2 again. Typical a week of feeling better and something else rears its ugly head!

Well they do say that the legs are quite often affected with MS so odd sensations do sound right for odd nerve messages. Tingling, drop foot, pins and needles, itchy skin (My personal favourite) and numbness are all possible and so you do fit the bill. But as we are all different it is not possible to say for certain, after all as was said to me by another MS sufferer, ‘welcome to the most exclusive club in the world, a club of one, as no one else in the world will feel all the feelings you will as they are exclusive to you!’

Whoopee said I!!

yes I get this, on both knees, mine tends to be a burning feeling, but can change to freezing, I get it more on my right side, but my feet are cold, it’s what my Neuro said is nerve pain, mine now has got really bad and I have it every day, I take Gabepentin but to be honest I don’t thing it’s having much affect, take care, Jean x

I took gabapentin in the past but couldn’t really function on it, when I had burning feet. This is weirdly just one knee, but I’ve also been getting it at the elbow as well which I put down to a side effect of having broken my shoulder in October but perhaps its all connected. I’ll mention it on monday when I get my first Tysabri infusion.