I have a new symptom-leg related am i going crazy?

I started getting vertigo/dizziness over a week ago-which I am used to getting every so often. But the last few days i have had problems with my left leg- Occasionally the bottom of my left leg has a warm sensation (like i have put my leg in warm water or in a warm towel??) that lasts awhile then disappears. However yesterday I have noticed the bottom of my foot feels like its on fire! a burning foot sensation. I have RRMS and am on betaferon injections every other day. I went to do my usual injection yesterday and used my usual ice pack and the ice pack hurt my left thigh as my leg was SO sensitive- I can’t touch my left leg without thinking OUCH- its like a shock sensation when i try to touch my left leg.its intermittent but now the numbness, tingling and pins and needles have started with my left leg. Also I had an itching sensation - it only affects my left leg??? I haven’t had this symptom before?? I thought I was imagining it at first but it keeps coming back and now my fatigue is worse and I still have vertigo a little. I am going to contact my MS Nurse on Monday Is this a common symptom? Its just annoying me with the heat sensation, numbness,tingling and itching sensation that comes and goes. Rgds H x :oops:

I’m afraid it all sounds very familiar to me. I think you are wise to be contacting your MS nurse. If it is MS-related, and the sensitivity etc is being a problem for you, there are things they can prescribe to help. Alison x

Yes I agree it is a common sensory symptom in MS. I have PPS and have had symptoms like this for 15 years. Your MS nurse should give you good advice. Take care. Lynne xx

hi there going through something like that now both legs from the knees down feel like there on fire.also my legs are hyper sensitive even the slightest touch is agony.but i also have this incredible itch down each leg but inside the leg where you can,t scratch.had this happen before sometimes it lasts just hours or days.so your not going crazy just the usual naff ms.keep strong it will past mistymoo xx

Thanks everyone for your comments- glad I am not crazy, LOL. Hope others going through it too overcome it soon. I haven’t had this sensory symptom before, but looked it up and it is common. The numbness/sensitivity is moving up my left side now. I had thought if i ignored it- it would go away! but will speak to my MS nurse on Tues. Thanks H xx