Has anyone suffered from this ?

I was wondering if anyone has suffered from this ,sometimes when i walk it feels like all of a sudden i cant walk ,like iam moving forward but iam not if that makes sense .


When I have been out shopping and then come home and sit down for a while, I find when I stand up to walk I shuffle rather than walk!!! Its strange, and the stiffness is awful.


I feel like my legs don’t belong to me…they also feel jellylike sometimes. I can walk but its painful, and obviously I know how to walk, so I’m putting one foot in front of the other…but it feels really weird! I really can’t explain some of the symptoms that I have. I know how I feel, but find it very hard to put across to people, especially as I look ‘ok’.



I have jelly legs, I have never had pain until recently, I go to walk and from the knees down I wobble, sometimes worse than others, I am still waiting for a dx and more tests on the horizon.

Stick with it and good luck

Hi Tom,

You said you have pain in your heel, I have started to get pain there too. Can really hurt and make it hard to walk. Wendy I know what you are saying about not getting anyone to understand how we feel because we look ok, however we are in alot of pain and discomfort.

Hope everyone is well as can be, and all stay strong.


Hi Jan,

it all started in my heel, I couldnt walk on my heels (not that you would want to but the wife and I was messing around) it then spread. I recently posted an update feel free to comment, The more the merrier as I feel I need to chat about it, like us all.

I have never experienced the pain I am feeling now more so my legs honestly feel like jelly and then the pain can be exscrusiating, but the twitching is also terrible, I annoys me as I have no control. I started trying to mimic the movements to see if it was me doing it because I was thinking bout it but I cant, I know that sounds silly but I really have no control.

Tom, I know what your saying I cant control the way my legs twitch, worse on a evening and when I am trying to sleep.

The symptoms are awful, and I am fed up of them. Not dx yet, get results of MRI 5th Sept. May have answers not sure,but I need to know why I am feeling like I do.


Hi Jan, not being DX with anything sucks, Because I was admitted my Neuro was great and come to see me at the end of each day, with my results and my LP i recieved a week after I had been out. the LP will not confirm or disconfirm anything, I have a round up of more tests to do so we will see. I wish you luck I wish everyone luck who is stuck in limboland

Hi yes I get this it’s like walking through treacle. It’s a contradiction - my legs are stiff and yet wobbly at the same time. I walk like a puppet! x