Hi all

does any of you suffer from this problem ive been having for weeks now,well years really but just really bad now

my soles of feet are so sore and feel so tender,i get pins n needles in my heels,so much that i cant walk on them,this has been happening for weeks now and getting to the point i’m going to need to walking sticks to help me as i feel so unsteady on my feet because i dont trust my feet …dont trust any part of my body lately lol

Also my soles and side of my feet feel like the only way i can describe it as Bubbling,like somethings Bubbling n swimming around my veins along my feet,this is 24/7 lately,at night time they feel like their burning which also goes up my calfs

As i’m undiagnosed i’m wanting to know does as body else get this and is this a MS symptom

Sorry ive posted this anon but i’m scared no one else has the same problem

thanks to you all


hi anon,i’ll post this anon aswell but have you checked this condition