New symptoms

hi everyone just a quickie,

new symptoms, can anyone relate…the bottom of my feet are so painful, like walking on pebbles without shoes on, heel pain ( which I had previously) is increasing with intensity and my ankles swell up at end of the day… Don’t know if the swelling is due to the way I walk when soles of my feet and heels are so painful…

i only used to get this mildly on right foot, it is now effecting both feet which is a concern as walking is a serious issue when both feet are effected. X

and help or advice would be much appreciated

hope everyone is holding on

kind regards

heidi x

Hi Heidi,

I’m new to the MS roller coaster but I can empathise with feet problems.

I know there god awful but get some crocs, when working on my feet all day there the ony things that have kept my feet pain free.

get the swelling checked out though as it can be a sign of other things.

hope the symptoms pass soon

Jude x

Thank you Jude, it’s so painful, feels like ankles are sprained, I’m not dx yet, waiting in limbo land, but until I have result of MRI and evoked potentials my Dr won’t offer me anything for the pain, the ankle foot pain turned into horrendous thighs and calf pressure, with cramping feet which made my toes curl, two days and one night of continual pain and stuck on the sofa crying.

i am limited to what I can do as pain is increased or legs turn to cement, but this is even worse.

sorry for moaning but had enough of this 10 months now… And my Dr seems to think it’s in my head…

Thank you for listening

feeling deflated Heidi x


I had horrible foot pain during my first ‘episode’ (I’m diagnosed with radiologically isolated syndrome). Paracetemol / ibuprofen wouldn’t touch it. I had some hgh strength codeine left over from a dental abcess - which also did nothing. My very helpful GP prescribed gabapentin - but I couldn’t tolerate it as it made my mood plummet really quickly.

So I started experimenting with topical pain relief - deep heat, ibuleve etc - with limited success. A friend suggested tiger balm - which just made things worse (really burned - horrendously painful!). Then out of desperation I tried rubbing in carmex lip balm! which honestly did help a bit - not total relief - but worked far better (for me) than other stuff. It contains menthol, which is known to help with neuropathic pain. And my feet smelled delicious! I used to bulk buy at boots when offers were on - it worked ok if I only used it on the soles of my feet - I used to scrape a lump out of the tub with my finger nail, and massage it in. It sounds silly, and I’m not meaning to be trite at all - because I was in horrible pain for quite a few months - but it was honestly the best pain relief I found x

I’ve tried everything from gabapentine, codeine, napraoxen, diahydracodiene, now on pregabalin, napraoxen, Tremadol, but I still get horrendous foot pain every now and then. I will try this, as everything else isn’t helping,

thank you so much x

heidi x x

Hi Heidi I tried the mediction route but side effects were too much. I was advised to try to use those jelly insoles at the time it was a company called happy feet and they had to go in shoes you could take the insoles out of to fit them,couldn’t afford the £30 they cost and the £50 plus the shoes were. But there are several versions now avaliable Scholl do one and you can sometime get other ones in the sale on, they are used in climbing and hiking boots and shoes. They do give a little relief… know there isn’t a quick or easy fix and it is so painful and it is amazing how sensitive your feet become to things. Keeping smiling and thinking of you Sue

Thank you sue, will look into it, Dr has given me some quinine so hopefully that will help x x

heidi x x

Hi mine wouldn’t give me quinine as he said it could affect the heart but I hpe it works for you there is nothing worse than painful feet, mine feel like the bones are all bruised. Good luck Sue

Before I was diagnosed (diagnosed 3 yrs ago) I had horrendous foot pain, exactly the same as you, I felt like I was walking on pebbles, the left foot was worse than the right (some days it was more like rocks!!!) I also had severe pain in my heels. My GP eventually sent me for a x ray and I also had an MRI. The x ray showed a heel spur on my left heel and tendonitis in my Achilles on the right. I ended up having shoe inserts in my shoes and had surgery for the tendonitis. This dealt with the problems and I have had no such pain since. I don’t even use the shoe inserts now.

May be your foot pain has nothing to do with your MS. Might be worth a chat with your GP and see if they will refer you for an x ray.

I do get pain now in the top of my feet & my ankles feel really stiff. It feels is as if the bones/tendons on the top of my foot are about to snap and that is first thing in the morning and so far I have been able to walk it off.

Hopefully this little bit of info may help.


Thank you ang, my Dr isn’t interested in me ( or how she makes me feel) I spoke to her about this pain, and she said there’s nothing we can do, she did leave quinine for me to stop cramping… Im waiting on MRI, and evoke potential results and then changing Dr, x unfortunately easier to stay with her until results come back,