Foot turning in

​Hello everyone,

long time no see!

Today my Doc diagnosed my painful ball of foot (with right foot turning in) as being MS related.

Has anyone else had this experience?

It hurts when I walk, my right foot turns right in,

but relief can be gained by rest, then it starts again when I walk.

No treatment given.

Up at this time thanks to horrendous toothache - oh the joys!


I sympathise as I’m awake with the bastard that is the MS hug.

Toothache is awful too.

I know which treatment I need - diazepam. Phoned my GP to ask for some yesterday but no joy.

Are you taking any painkillers? I used to take ibuprofen for toothache which helped.

Now I have codeine phosphate.

Hope you find some relief xx

My feet turned to turn out ie to the left for the left and right for the right!

My left hip is slightly askew due to this too. The treatment is to wear a very uncomfortable splint.


Thank you for your kind words, lovely and I hope the hug has gone!

Thanks and I really sympathise with our predicaments! :heart:

My right foot turned in and made my ankle feel as though it was going to turn over easily. I was referred to orthotics by my MS nurse. They measured my feet and made shaped insoles for my shoes to correct my foot alignment, made my foot and therefore walking a lot more comfortable. They also fitted an AFO which helped a lot and isn’t uncomfortable at all.



Ankle Foot Orthosis

Aah, great you got it sorted

I had insoles made to correct a similar problem and can’t recommend them enough,

I should add the insoles helped a lot and it was 7 or 8 years before I needed the AFO too