Drop foot...

Having a difficult time walking/moving around, hardly news guys BUT I was referred to an Orthortist, she recommended an ankle brace. Watch this space guys it worked in the hospital but they didn’t have my size. Chin up a New Year and maybe a little hope. M

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Hello hellMS,

I had one fitted to my right shoe by my physiotherapist about two months ago, and it works very well. My foot used to drag and catch on the ground and send me tumbling, but no more. It’s brought a spring to my step, so to speak; it’s just a pity that I can only walk a few yards these days.

The one I have is made by Ossur.

I hope it works for you.


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I hope it works for you. My Orthotist was considering fitting me for them but fortunately the arch support he gave me solved the tendonitis. I’m lucky in that drop foot hasn’t struck me. Good luck with it.

Cath x

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Glad to hear it works, I am waiting for something the physio ordered to stop my feet turning in. Bloomin MS has wrecked my body. But there are many more far worse than me.


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Cheers guys, every little helps fingers crossed BUT not toes. M


I was given one about three years ago but I’ve hardly felt the need to use it since I stopped work. I had a cruder one before that which was quite helpful. But talk about the most pointless hospital appointment: It was a 9am with a 2 week old new baby. My wife had to drive me there, complete with Rose, then wheel me in. The car park cost £2. Eventually we went in and she measured my foot. That’s all. All that effort. A whole morning just to find out how many centimetres my foot was.

Best wishes, Steve.

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