Carbon Orthatics Plantar

Been testing out the new springy foot support.

Designed to give a dropped foot some lift.

It’s a bit uncomfortable at present, because my trainers aren’t designed to fit such a wedge. The left leg problems are being joined with some left arm problems just lately. And this list of problems is getting much longer as the progression unfolds.

My right leg is having some jealousy issues now. So it’s decided to join the party.

Time for extreme changes I think.

If only the controller on my self build electric mountain bike was as reliable as my nerves. I’m being tested way beyond what I imagined. Where the suppliers of these parts are, I do not know. The push bike manufacturers don’t supply them & neither do motorbike shops. My next point of call is a wheelchair shop. They’ll look at me like an alien too, I imagine!

Thinking outside the box is met by such puzzled looks. Conform or be assimilated.

Maybe Santa will bring one.


I was fitted with a SAFO but I gave it back after two weeks of misery. This is where my rubbish nerves mess things up, my foot decided to point sideways with it and shoes were returned etc. as the suggested one size bigger than normal did not work out well with skinny feet!

My Dad ended up giving me the money for a Musmate, so at least I stand a chance of some lift

Hope you can get used to your support ok

Sonia x

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Cheers! I ditched it after a day though Sonia. Felt like I was walking with a bear trap on my leg. Not that I’m an expert in such a thing. It’s not the latest medical job either, so put your cheque books away. I’ve gone back to my comfy trainers, with closed cell foam insoles. Simply because I’m negatively mad & need to see a shrink. Believe what you want folks. I’m just stating my individual view. The best method I’ve found so far, of getting 200 miles from A to B, is by my car & parking outside the destination with my blue badge on the dash. Quite useful things, Terry adapt until…