Strengthen leg (s)...

I have bought numerous peddle pushing cycle things - in fact I’ve got them on the front garden for anyone to take. I don’t blame the ‘things’ it’s the fact that I cannot push down and if I do manage to exercise the damned leg it ends up exhausted and collapses! How do you explain a leg deprived of force/energy/ support? Oh! I know M S :slightly_smiling_face:
I am however ‘doing’ okay - I have not ended up on my rear end and maybe someone might take me out for a coffee. Take care be safe M :heart: x

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LOL no chance of me using one of those things lol.

I shuffle along let my right leg do the hard work, and my left follows lol. After my dismissal meeting with orthotics to be told nothing more we could do for you, it your brain not working basically not telling your left leg where the ground is lol… i gave up. I was told to keep using my right leg to support the left, which is weaker now. My right side i have little issues with thankfully.

Just walking a few feet pushing my rollator through council kept grass is exercise enough for me lol. xxx

Meet me on the recliner at 10am for a cup of capochino and dark chocolate Kako rice cake lol. xx thats if you can push my dog out the way lol. x

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Can I have a virtual cup of tea with you instead of coffee please? Mx

oh darn i cant hun i hate the stuff and dont buy it.

I got the coffee ready for @hellMS but sadly no tea in my cupboard.
coffee at 10

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But Yorkshire tea is the best most refreshing drink ever <3

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:face_vomiting: not for me lol. ugh. I hate tea lol.

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Thanks to you all, mine is a coffee and a bit of carrot cake :kissing: I am fed up worrying about what I should be doing and going to get on with doing what I can! Here’s to enjoying what we can and make the best of this life of ours. Be safe guys M :heart:x

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totally agree hun, if i cant do i dont do it or get someone else to do it for me lol.

OH MY GOD I love carrot cake lol. xxxx

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Hi guys
I have been having an infuriating time trying to post another question! It usually fronts up with other related posts. Either that or I am losing the plot :roll_eyes:
So my post does anyone have any advice on wet rooms? We are building an extension which is like a new build so any tips? I would like to avoid mistakes M x

Yorkshire tea is the best most refreshing drink ever really!!!

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@hellMS - know exactly how it feels. I now get in the bath and exercise (stretch + bend) the old bit legs in warm water. I always end with coffee + a Wispa as a reward

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I recently had a wet room installed. It’s fairly small so I don’t have to worry about covering a vast empty space but I have plenty of grab rails to hang on to, you can’t have too many. A good thing is the floor covering that curls up the wall, like in hospitals, it’s easy to clean. The bad thing, it’s advertised as being a “special” none slip covering. I still feel unsafe on it and have a none slip mat on hand. I don’t have a fixed wall seat, choosing to have one that I can move about, good but my seat has to be turned upside down after use because the feet leave rust marks, bit irritating. I have looked but can’t find a seat that wouldn’t do that. I regret having chosen a higher loo, easier to get off and no more broken seats, but it is too high and puts you in an unnatural position to “functioning”. I have seen various cages that fit around a loo that have arm rests that look more useful. Hope that helps a bit, it is big expense that you hope to get right first time.

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what about a fold up seat attached to the wall it is what i have. its really cool lol.

I am in council sheltered i love my wet room, the floor sounds like yours it is truly non slip. well mine is lol. xxx

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Thank you for taking the time to reply, I am still unsure about the seating in the wet room but really appreciate your input folks. :slight_smile: M x

Interesting post hellMS.

I’ve started to use an exercise bike on easiest setting, having previously gone to gym. It’s actually the second bike. Crucially this one has pedal straps which keep my left leg & foot in place and force it to prescribe the same arc as the (working) right leg. Amazing how in a minute or so the stiffness goes and it’s possible to maintain a rhythm rather than a series of uncoordinated lunges. The pedal strap saves me gashing my leg or ankle against the pedal crank too.

The trouble is, it’s very physical and tires me out. My body has forgotten what CV exercise is! I’d love to go to the gym and use different apparatus but I’m genuinely concerned how, having exercised, I’d even make it out of the place afterwards! I can walk short distances with a stick and would hate to falter before reaching the car (gammy left leg means with auto transmission = I can still drive). I’d love to swim or stride through the water which would be therapeutic but the climbing out, the slippery surface and particularly the effort of getting changed means I’ve lost confidence in getting from the water to my car (the second workout as I call it!). Don’t want a PT to act as minder, not at their rates.

I’m learning that it’s about rationing of a finite resource. Go shopping (trolley is my baby walker) or gym. Not both. Do minor jobs in kitchen or house, or in garden, or car. Just one. Likelihood is a lie down & perhaps sleep afterwards as the effort is enough to put the body into minor shock.

My able-bodied family don’t get it but I imagine others on here recognise the dilemmas all too clearly.

Stick with the cycling - even if for one minute - to maintain the movement. But no point risking a collapse :smiley:

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