Hi everyone, I have done it again bought another pair of shoes that hurt my feet. Because I have a swollen foot it is near impossible to get a comfortable pair, but this time it is the normal foot that is hurting. You just can’t win. It is bad enough that I can’t wear heels any more. I have a wardrobe full that I look at wistfully. I am trying hard to find a shoe shop that stocks nice elegant comfy flats that don’t make me feel like a frump. Sorry just having a moan. Lovely sunny day here in Aberdeen. Take care. Mags xxx

Hi Mags Being a bloke I’m allowed to get away with trainers. After I finished my chemo and started developing (though I didn’t know it ) my MS, I found my feet had gone up a size, bought a new pair of cheap Nikes and that’s all I’ve needed ever since. They are ever so comfortable. Four years ago, this was. The soles haven’t worn at all. The benefits of living in a wheelchair! We took all my old shoes to the charity shop except one pair I hadn’t even worn- sold well on eBay- and another pair of smart leather soles which I am about to auction.

Hi, have you tried the shoe tailor? They are a bit on the dear side, but have comfier linings and not all look frumpy.

I wear canvas boots now as they dont restrict my feet. I always loved flat pumps, in pretty styles and colours, but they make my feet swell now.

Have a look online and then try a few pairs in your own home.

luv Pollx

Hi, about 2 yrs ago my left foot got one size bigger than the right, I have struggled so much getting a shoe to stay on the right foot this is the drop foot & spasm side, so it just makes walking worst, I’ve tried filling the shoe with alsorts,heal grips, memory foam insoles even tissues to no avail, I need a heeled shoe to use for driving otherwise my foot slips off the accelerator yet I can’t walk in heels, I’ve resorted to plain sandals with a small block heel with thick straps to support my r.foot. I have found a cheap shoe fitters in my town called shuropody I know they also have a website can’t remember if they are nationwide I think they are check it out. The prices were a lot cheaper than the tailored shoe sites.


Hi Pauline, Your problem mirrors mine exactly. I find marks & Spencer’s foot glove range the best for me anything else just slips off my bad foot. Trouble is I used to love shoes. I mourn for the days I could spend hours just looking for shoes and didn’t give a thought to comfort. For my middle daughters wedding I bought a lovely (expensive) outfit with shoes to match but on the day of the wedding I had to wear the back up pair as I couldn’t wear them. I can’t even wear the back up pair anymore. I will certainly look up that website. Thanks mags xx

I only put a pair of shoes on if I am going somewhere special. Rest of time I am in Marks and Spencer slippers tried other but no where near as good. And seeing as I never go anywhere special my one pair if shoes will last ME out

Mags, I gave all my heels away long long ago, it was better when I couldn’t see them, stopped me looking at them longingly when I opened the wardrobe door, now I never think about them! Nina x

I wore sandles today for the first time this year, we went for a walk at Walmer along the sea front opposite the castle then had an ice cream followed by fish and chips in the car on way home. We know how to roll.

Hi Nina, You have it spot on, I really need to let go of the past and the next time a charity bag comes through the door it is going to be bye bye heels. Wow! Don, that sounds like my kind of day out. You can keep your fancy dining. There is nothing better than fish and chips especially in the car watching the sea. Love it! We have a lot of fishing villages round the coast where I live. My favourite is Inverbervie and it has a class fish and chip shop. We get our fish and chips then go down to the car park and watch the sea. Bliss! It is a lovely day here. Mags xx

Mags it was great the chip shop at Sandwich is great We often go over and just sit by the river with a portion of chips. Yesterday we sat in the car and I mistook a black but of plastic bin bag for a jackdaw laying down and Phil got out to prove me wrong and as he walked back to the car a spaniel run up to the bag and run round in its mouth. He could have saved his energy had he waited a few minutes to prove me wrong

I have written a blog post about it

Hi Mags

I also got rid of my heels yonks ago, cos every time the wardrobe was opened it reminded me, but it was hard cos I always wore heels (being 5 foot I so needed them). Hey ho just something else that had to bite the dust.

It sounds lovely to be near the water, I so love the sea, and Don. fish and chips in the paper can’t be beaten.

Sunny here today, hope you all have a good day.

Pam x

Hi have you tryed Hotter shoes have some very nice one in there catolog. jan

Hi Jan, Hotter is the latest ones I have bought. Funny thing is the shoe for the bad foot is great but it is the other foot that is sore but I am going to persevere with them. Went to our local garden centre today and my feet were not too bad, it was the legs that give out. Lol. Mags xx

Thanks for the link Don, In case you were wondering, it wasn’t me! I would have loved to be pushed along beside the seaside though ! Nina x

Have you tried cosyfeet they sometimes do single shoes

Hi all, Sorry to keep banging on about shoes but I have just bought the most comfy shoes ever, they are called sketchers go walk 2. I feel as if I am walking on air. I could only get them in coral but who cares? What a good day! Been to the hairdressers and got a pair of comfy shoes. I don’t even care it is raining. Hope you are all feeling good. Mags xx

Definitely a good day Mags. Hopefully tomorrow the sun will shine and you can get the benefit of both shoes and hair do.