Hello, I’m looking for recommendations for suitable shoes/trainers for my Mum who has progressive MS as her feet and lower legs are very swollen and getting her trainers/shoes on is a struggle for her. She doesn’t want to wear ‘old lady’ shoes, but does need footwear that is wide fit and supportive/tight/secure when on. I’d be grateful for any brands/styles that other people have found good that I could let her know about. Thank you.

Try some Crocs. Not exactly stylish but comfy, wide and easy to put on, even with swollen feet and poor flexibility.

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Would shoes with a velcro fastening be easier than laces/buckles? They can be quite secure. I realise it may cut the choice (especially in terms of elegance…). But I’ve seen people with mobility/dexterity problems who find them quite helpful.

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Would something like Sketchers ‘Slip In’ trainers be any good. They have a shaped back which sort of guides the foot into the trainer. My wife tried some recently and found that basically you could just ‘step into’ the trainers - no need for the usual pushing and wriggling your way in

I’m housebound most days, so just the house slippers on my pins, but Asics are my choice when going out (seldomly) and also for going out-out (rarely) as I find them most comfortable.

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Thank you. I haven’t come across those before and they look great and not too dear. Plus they have an outlet not far from me. Definitely one to explore.

Pavers, shoes, boots, sandals, trainers with velcro and or zips, wide and regular fit, sandals are brilliant! Just about to ?,order some more…khaki or navy? Oh and so comfy!

Hi. I have problems with foot swelling too and a lot of trouble finding shoes that are comfy and not too ‘old lady’!
My favourites are fitflop trainers with velcro fastening. They feel secure on and easier to fasten than laces.
Just google ‘fitflop velcro’.