footwear problems

Hello - wondered if anyone else experiences the same practical problem of finding supportive walking sandals that are wide enough; I’ve tried a couple of the popular wide fitting shoe manufacturers - but neither are providing what I’m looking for - the extra wide sandals seem to be very enclosed and apart from having a wide right foot which swells by the end of the day, my feet react quickly to changes in temperature and soon overheat.

Has anyone found a make of shoes/sandals that are comfortable but not frumpish?

In hopes!



i find that gents sandals from a trade of the cotton variety( ?!) great. several colours and have velcro.

boots i found gents bike boots with zips both sides-great!

it aint easy-good luck!


hi bananalegs

they aren’t sandals but my newest footwear are trainers.

clarks tri-genic

they are the most comfortable shoes i have ever worn.

they are coral colour and feel cool on my hot feet.

they also do sports sandals which look comfortable too.

carole x

Keen Newport H2, if you can find anything else as wide, please let me know.

Have you looked online at “The Shoe Taylor” they go up to 5e ‘ultra wide’ fitting shoes, I’ve not tried them, my feet aren’t that wide, (just everything else between the ankle and the neck) alternatively Camper sandals look nice but expensive, or “Cotton Traders” do wider fittings and are more stylish and more affordable as are “Evans” and “Yours” they don’t just do clothes for bigger ladies! (ME)

For the ladies, I buy Softlites, from the cheapish shoe shops. They are lightly supportive, quite wide, most importantly they have an adjustable strap at the back for fat ankle days.

If I see them in the Spring in the shop I buy at least two pairs just in case you never see them again. They are usually only about twelve pounds. In the winter when I am pottering about and can’t get my shoes or boots on or do them up, I keep a pair which are very floppy due to age and wear big thick socks with them - classy eh!


I have lots of problems with my feet. Getting shoes can be a nightmare.

Have you tried Hotter shoes?

Also Pikolinos

There is another site. I will get back to you when I can remember their name!

Obviously I don’t know how deep yr pockets are? I tend to buy this vs in the sales. Hotter have a sale on now.

Good luck.

Anne x

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Clarks have lots of wider fittings. Plus some with Velcro straps. I have a few Clarks’ shoes and they’re great.

The larger sports shops have a wide range of shoes, some sports shoes, some not, again there’s a good choice of Velcro type strap shoes.

Sceechers shoes have a wide choice of very light shoes. My wife has some feet problems, not MS related, and loves her sceechers.

hope this helps.


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Try Earth spirit sandals.They are very comfortable.

I have the Edison 3 strap sandals, each strap has a velcro fastening as does the strap around the heel. I can easily adjust the straps if my feet are more swollen than usual.

Google them as they are last year’s style but are still available from some shoe shops and they are stylist and very comfortable

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I find Pavers and FlyFlots very good. X