This may seem a strange one but I am having such problems finding footwear to wear that is comfy able to wear I hav tried many shoes but as yet have not found any that my feet feel comfy able in My feet feel like I’m per mantle standing on stones I cand wear flimsy sandals as my feet seem to fall out of them heals are a no no I have toyed Clarks. Shoes with a comfy inner sole in them they seemed ok for a short time the other is sketchers trainers but I don’t want to be wearing trainers all the time Hope someone can help me on this


I had a look on Amazon and Skechers have some Mary Jane style shoes that don’t look like trainers. Also I have a similar problem, heels are totally out, finding flat shoes that fit and look nice seems to be a near impossibility - having narrow feet does not help. But I find that the Kickers flat shoes and boots are good (Kick lo and Kick high), and come in a variety of different colours. Next are doing a nice range of ballerina shoes just now in their sole survivor range which are really comfy on your feet - they’re too wide for my feet, but should be ok on normal width feet.

Hope this helps,

Luisa x


It’s not strange at all.

I haven’t been able to wear anything but trainers or walking boots for ages. The last time I wore any fancy, “going out” shoes was in Turkey over a year ago. I can just about wear completely flat, soft, slip-on, work shoes for an hour or two, if I have an important meeting - but not all day any more.

I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions. I’m afraid you might just have to accept it. I can’t wear any of the things people here have suggested, each time this topic comes up. In most cases, I can’t even get them on, let alone walk afterwards.

I don’t know what the problem is either. It’s NOT just heel height/balance. In fact, I’m better with a slight heel, because flatties stretch my calves so tight (painful). I think it’s partly that I have wide feet, and partly that they’re so painful. Sadly, it’s the feet, not the shoes.



For you, Tina, have you tried Cosyfeet at Street ? (Nice little run down the M5?)

They have a good range, all of 5E fitting. There are no readily available shoes that are actually wider than 2E - after that they are the same width but just get higher over the toes. My problem is two feet of different sizes, and toes that have lost all sensation over the tops (my “shoes” hurt when I am in bed or in the shower) and while I know that they are roomy, almost any shoe feels tight.

For tattybear, there are two firms doing “wide” fittings, and they both have lots of agents. Try your local mobility centre for a catalogue and size chart.


Another good company to try is Hottee shoes.


Oh yes this is a constant ongoing problem for me. Slip ons slip off and I stad on the side of my foot which helps them slip off! Lace up pumps are good about the house and outside in better weather and are fine with jeans. In winter boots are good, they don’t slip off even when I stand on the sides of my feet. My problem is shoes to wear with my working trousers, in better weather, which is hopefully approaching. I can just manage slip ons that have a wide slight heel, the slight heel is better for me than totally flat slip ons, think they are called Loafers. Next had them in stock so I have just bought two pairs, which should see me through the summer. It was pouring here today so I am back into boots for the moment! But this doesn’t help you and I’m sorry I canthelp you. Cheryl:-)

Have you tried going into a Mobility shop. They have a wide selection of shoes and they take time to help you find a pair that you would be comfortable with, style wise and comfort.

Hope this helps.


Look at the Clarks website online - no p&p and free returns. They do a new line called Wave - they are terrific - a bit like MBT’s really help keep you balanced and supported. l can not wear real flatties need a bit of heel. Just ordered another pair. You can try them on at home - and post them back or drop them off at a Clarks store if they do not fit.


hi hotter and pavers , also pavers are good at their return policy bought two pairs second was a bit too bit so sent them back and had an email saying they are going to credit my account

I have the horrible stones feeling as well, but have to say amitriptyline has helped this A LOT for me and its not half as bad anymore which is good.

I wear shoes from the Clarks Classics range which are quite nice, also wear boots by FLY London, and shoes my Rocket Dog and they are all very comfy for me. I like Mary Jane styles as I can’t wear anything like ballet pumps as they just fall off as I don’t feel them properly.

I haven’t worn socks for seven years 'cos they cause more pain in my feet. I’m ’ sposed to be a size eight , but used to wear one pair of size nine Clarks shoes which were the only ones I could bear to wear(almost poetical).Now all II can wear are size 10 winter boots which also keep my tootsies something approaching warm .

I can’t walk anymore,it’s overrated and for wimps, but I can get around my flat and get out every day on my big buggy. It is damage in my brain stem which causes the appaling pain and lack of mobility.

These are my solutions to my problems and I’m sure you’ll find them for yours.


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Have a look at

Large selection of every type of shoe, plus they have a very good customer service, and reasonable P&P rates.

Disclaimer, I have no connection with the above, other than being a very satisfied customer.

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor.

I find that Hotters are the most comfy for me and they were recommended by a Neurological physiotherapist but must say that even my lovely hotter shoes feel a bit too high these days.

Good luck.


I can only wear trainers this week, I walk on the side of my foot and had been advised to try Clarks or orthopedic insoles both of which made me feet bleed. I’m meant to be going to a wedding next week end and am hoping I can spend a couple of hours sitting down in ballet flats as I fall in anything with heels even small wedges.

Try Joseph Seibel shoes, I swear by them, many of the styles have removable inner soles which helps fitting the orthosis I use. They aren’t cheap but they are very good.

I’ve got three pairs of Hotter shoes - 2 bought on-line and one from their shop in Cardiff . Good range with velcro fastenings and fairly stylish.

Search online

Love my Rocket Dogs! had to make adjustments on my Clarks they had crossover straps…they don’t now!