Sandals Recommendations

I only ever wear trainers as i find them the most supportive. What sandles do you wear?. I need something for wide feet as i have arthritis in my toes so touch opening & with some support on the sides.

Hi Redbabe1,
I was going to ask the very same thing.
I wear trainers or laced ankle boots but would love to wear something cooler in the summer.
Thanks for any ideas from all you great people if you can
Mary x

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Crocs - all the way!

I can put them on when ordinary shoes aren’t possible on my own because of the bending involved. Comfy too, but need washing often to stop them getting smelly!

Thanks im not sure they’d work for me swollen toes as i need soft material on them.

I am no expert, but would have thought hiking sandals are more supportive. Perhaps it might be worth visiting an outdoor shop to see if they suit you.

This is just one example of what’s available.
Women’s Sandals | Order From The Experts | Cotswold Outdoor

Walking/sport sandals.

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Thanks so much for your replies, will have a wee look at your suggestions.

So i tried several pairs of walking sandals on and most were very comfortable and lightweight sadly i am still looking. I dont have drop foot but i do have what i call lazy toes on one foot and because of this no matter how comfortable the sandals were i would not be able to walk in them safely for any length of time without the front catching. Now im searching for a pair of closed-toed, wider fitting ones :crossed_fingers: