Comfortable Sandles Recommendations

I only ever wear trainers as i find them the most supportive. What sandles do you wear?. I need something for wide feet as i have arthritis in my toes so touch opening & with some support on the sides.

I like Hotter’s support ones.


I recently bought some walking boots made specifically for people with bunions (i.e. wide feet at the front). They’re made by a German firm called Hanwag and were horribly expensive… not sandles but might be useful on wetter days. Hiking/outdoors shops might be helpful?

Yeah im thinking walking sandals might be the way yo go.

I had some Puma walking sandals which were really good. I can’t wear conventional sandals, I need support at the back. I’ve also had sandals with a closed heel and laced front made by Ecco I think. Hotter do wide fitting but there’s not enough ankle support for me. Good luck

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