Summer shoes

With the beautiful weather and summer approaching, my thoughts go to summer shoes…I hate them, I wear a foot brace thing and any non lace up shoe and no sock is terribly uncomfortable. But the alternative seems to be sweaty feet and over heating. I have got a couple of very old things with a sort of strap across foot, but just wondering if anyone else has found anything that helps…? Xx

Hi Slug

I don’t wear a foot brace.

I can’t wear open sandles, I need more support. I usually wear slip on flatfish pump style shoe in summer. They go fine with leggings and long dresses.

I’ve bought some Sketchers pumps in pale Grey, with a white sole. They are so light but feel secure on the foot-so spongy and comfy to walk in.


Sorry, can’t help, but you are not alone, as I have exactly the same problem.

I’m now down to just two pairs of shoes I can wear: walking boots, and trainers. And last time I wore the trainers for more than just the odd hour or two, I noticed they didn’t seem quite as OK as they used to, so I’ve got a feeling I might be down to just the walking boots - pretty soon, or already!

They are too hot and heavy in summer, and of course look ridiculous with a dress or floaty skirt, so I’m forever in denim jeans, even on the hottest of days. Footwear dictates my entire look. And to think I once wouldn’t wear jeans OR walking boots - and now they’re all I can (got a mini-skirt on today, but that’s only for kicking about the house and garden - where I don’t need shoes).

It’s not a balance or support thing with me - it’s the tops of my feet that are very painful. Unless my feet are fully enclosed (as with a walking boot or trainer) either the edge or the strap of the shoe - whichever it has - cuts into the painful area. I cannot have an edge or strap across the top of my foot at all. And I cannot wear flip-flops, as I can’t even keep them on - plus a completely flat shoe pulls my shortened calf muscles too tight. I don’t need “heels” in the glamorous sense (although I’d love to), but I do need a shoe that has a little bit of structure at the heel.

I’m really worried about when the walking boots wear out, as I’ve had them years and they’re starting to fray. I can’t wear just any walking boots - it has to be these! I wish with hindsight I’d bought three pairs, as that would probably have been enough to last me for life. I’ve tried more than once to replace them, but even targeting only shoes that look pretty similar, I’ve still had no luck. Everything either cuts or rubs somewhere - and that’s those I can get my feet into at all!


Yes indeedy, footwear does dictate what to wear. Never been a high heels girl anyway, but still miss having options.

sorry Tina, sounds like your on your last pair which can’t be good. I’m not a shoe shopper so prob don’t look as much as I should, but maybe there’s something out there…did find a decent pair of trainer type things in clarks of all places, did take a little while to wear in but good now- I suppose you’ve given all options a wear in Tina- do you have a cotton traders near you? Think they’re on line also but you prob need to try shoes on? Some ‘sensible’ shoes in there

Hotters do some good shoes some styles in extra wide fitting which i need and very comfy and lightweight. Not the cheapest though.

l have had some really good shoes for Clarks and Hotters. l always get them online- as Clarks do a free postage and return so you get the chance to try different styles and sizes on at home - There WAVE shoes are brilliant - as they help with footdrop by enabling the foot to roll forward and pickup. Also, like Hotter, they do half sizes - so l know for certain that a 6.5 will fit. l have had some real bargains on ebay - buying the style and size l know fits me. One particular style of Hotter - a mary jane style with velcro strap - l now have in 4 colours.

You cant beat trying them on in the comfort of your own home - have a little walk about see if they are comfy/ stay on / and for me l need a style that l can fit my SAFO and orthotics in.

I normally don’t wear shoes! I work in a school and people are always surprised if I have my shoes on sometimes I even walk to and from my car in just my socks. I also do my asda shop in no shoes I find I get too hot and over heat in shoes I only wear them if I’m going walking and I know it will be gravely!! I also wear odd socks another thing people at work like to see and some of the kids wear odd socks to be the same as me lol

Have you tried ‘Toms’ they are more comfortable than they actually look as they have a supportive inner sole. loads of designs to choose from and for every pair sold a pair if given to the third world countries.

just saw an add for espadrilles from Graceland at 14.99. They look light + easy to wear.

I have the same problem and last year found some Hotter sandals with cross cross laces over the instep which works with the foot up. Not the trendiest, but cooler than shoes. I wear trousers or maxi dresses so it’s not so visible.

good luck xx

i’ve just added this post to “favourites” so that when i’m looking for shoes i can look back at all the recommendations.

i bought a perfect pair of summer shoes last year but now when i look inside them the name of the manufacturer has worn away.

i’ve always worn flats because i’m tall and most of my friends are small, so i hate being at at a different height to them.

carole x

Yes, I do need to try on footwear, really. I dislike ordering over the internet, because I only have a very small chance they’ll be OK, and then I’ve got the faff of having to return them - even if it’s postage paid.

Although I dislike shoe shopping (only because of the frustrating lack of success), I prefer still to do it in a conventional shop, while I’m able. Then I’m able to try on many more than I’d be comfortable paying for to try at home - and then sending them all back!

The “good” walking boots I’ve had for years, but which are showing signs of coming to the end did originally come from Clarks. As walking boots go, they have some concessions to femininity, which I like. They are sort of chocolate and tan with pink accents, which I’m sure no bloke would wear. I was never the type to wear a sports/rugged outdoor shoe at all, so now I’m forced to, I do appreciate any little touch that says I AM still a girly girl - not a would-be army recruit!

My trainers, in a rare online purchase, I got direct from Nike. I bought the ones that are are supposed to be anti-pronation (foot rolling inwards), as I know I have an issue with that. I have calluses on the outer (or do I mean inner?) edges of both big toes, where my weight is obviously being transferred onto them as my feet roll towards each other.

The trainers did start off quite successful, and being white, were just about OK with a summer skirt - not as weird-looking as walking boots, anyway.

But now they too are only borderline wearable. It’s weird, because I can’t really figure out exactly why or where shoes hurt me. I only know nearly all do now.

I wonder if it would be worth paying a fortune to have some made by a gait specialist. I understand it could be a few hundred pounds, but if they lasted years, it might work out less expensive than buying shoes that lie in the wardrobe unworn, because they were too painful after the first couple of outings.

I sometimes think it’s almost a positive that I have no social life, because I have no idea what I’d do if called on to go to a smart event. Evening wear for me now is denims and walking boots - same as always - jazzed up with a pretty blouse. I don’t know what I’d do for a wedding or a party - or even a job interview. For the latter I’d have no chance of shutting up about my MS, because I’d have to offer some explanation of why I saw fit to go to the interview in jeans and lace-up boots.


Don’t yah just love predictive text.

I’ve never walked around with a fish on my foot heeheehee


You’ve got to watch the ‘soles’ on these type of shoes #1, they can be pretty slippy!!!

Yes that’s true #2. In future I will stick to wearing an ‘Eel’ Lol


Lol xx

Shoes are a nightmare. I’ve got plimsoles that are lighter than trainers etc, Hotter do half sizes and some in wide fittings, but not cheap. I’ve got a few pairs of Ecco shoes that are old and comfy, I’m trying to make them last as long as possible since wearing shoes in is just impossible when I can hardly walk. Foot drop is a major problem with footwear, the FES requires a removable insole in order for the sensor to go under the heel, a foot-up needs a way of securing the catch part (and the shoeless one has its own problems), the SAFO is too bulky to fit inside any shoes I own bar the old Eccos. I have shoes that I love but can’t wear and shoes I dislike that fit ok. It would be bearable if I could actually walk more than a few metres with a walker round the house. And oh for the days of nice sandals and pretty toes!!

Hi Slug,

Similar problems, my left foot has foot drop so I need to wear shoes that go over the top of my foot.

Also have a foot brace that I wear when I wear trousers.

Marks and Spencer did a great flat sandle style last year that was like a shoe with slits down the sides. Very comfortable and I bought in black (blends in with foot brace ) and silver. Don’t suppose they’ll have them this year.

If I find something I like i buy in several different colours.

This year M and S leather riptape sporty sandle might be ok. They also have lots of styles that have straps over the foot.

Good luck and share if you find something that is comfortable and looks good.

Jen x

l wear a SAFO- and apart from my knee-high boots - l can wear almost all of my shoes. Clarks/Hotter/Ecco - to-day l am wearing my Hotter Shakes - they have a plaited velcro strap over the instep - so stay on well. l even have my orthotics inside as well. These shoes l have in apple green/pink and navy. All bought in a SALE.

When l was a kid - my dad used to cut the toe part off my old sandals so l could wear them a bit longer. They were Clarks with a T-Bar strap. l am thinking of trying this with one of my Hotters. As it would give me a peep-toe sandal. As l find l do scuff the toes - l will pick a pair that look the worse for wear.

Hello all, I’m glad (not the right word as not a fun problem) but relieved I’m not the only one who has shoe issues. Hats off to em3a for socking it, brilliant. The one good thing about mobility scooter (apart from carrying kids footy, coats, snacks, water etc) is that my shoes don’t wear out too quickly, just get bored of wearing same old stuff everyday, and like people have said, limits social occasions somewhat coz clumpy shoes don’t always go…

Thanks for al the ideas, sporty rip tape casual things I will try again and if in black can always get away with black trousers and top. As you can all see, I am not now and probably never have been a fashionista, anyone out there who is, this must be even more frustrating xx