Advice on keeping shoes on my feet

I apologise for the amount of posts. After my first attack I can’t wear shoes that requires me to keep them on my feet. I live in uggs. But they are expensive and I most not lift my foot properly I’m an expert at wrecking them. This doesn’t seen to be healing anyone any tips or what’s good to wear One of the neuros suggested super glue Thanks emma

I can’t wear slip on shoes but need a fastening so that I can make the shoe firm to my foot. The shoe needs to come up high on my foot – so anything like a ballet pump is a no no. Laces are a bit of a problem but Velcro works a treat. In the winter I live in boots (I am addicted to ankle cowboy boots) but can cope with firmly fastened shoes and sandals.


I can’t find any shoes either, as my toes are so sensitive I can’t bear proper fitting shoes, and just to help matters now, one foot is bigger than the other. Unfortunately the only solution I have found is also expensive - Fitflop boots as suggested by someone on here. I have to wear a thick sock on one foot though and although they are a bit big they stay on due to the material round the ankle. I have also found boot slippers for the house. It is a nightmare! Trouble is these are all I can wear outside the house apart from a pair of wellies. I’m dreading going back to work (if I ever make it). My friends are used to me looking silly in the same brown boots no matter what I have on. Other suggestions I had when I posted about foot wear were Hotter shoes (you can get Mary Jane type ones I think so the bar should stop them coming off) or Ecco. Good luck!

I too live in boots through winter, Mary Jane’s in summer and velcro fastening casual shoes in between. They all have to come high up my foot and fasten securely. I have always had narrow feet anyway but now I have less feeling and my toes cannot grip properly, any shoe that doesn’t fit properly (for example toe post sandals) is a definite no no.

It does get a bit expensive but there is an outlet centre not too far away from me so I go there for Hotter shoes and sometimes Clarks will do a nice one that works for me. I also need soft padding on the insole thanks to very tender areas on the sole of my feet these days so shoe shopping still takes all day but for very different reasons now (much to my son’s disgust - he thought MS had put paid to my shoe shopping, ha ha!)

Tracey xx

I agree with all the replies. I am sure that we all feel our hearts sink at the thought of Hotter Mary Janes (and with good reason!) but I am afraid that going up a generation or two in footwear styles is one of the things tha MS does to a person.


p.s. - I finally got the message that nice shoes were a thing of the past when I got to the top of the stairs at work one day and saw that my nice courts were still at the bottom.


I realised that with pretty slippers. I now have to wear really cumbersome ‘granny style’ ones or the big bootie style slippers. My pretty little mule slippers nearly caused the death of me when they kept slipping off halfway up/down the stairs without me realising …

Tracey x

get shoes with a bar across that helps keep them off I got a few at christmas from a sotore sellong a particular brand, I can send you the link to see if there is a store near you, pretty shoes but not too high 2 inches is my limit

I agree with Tracey on Hotter shoes, they are incredibly comfy and a Mary Jane style would help.

Personally. I can’t bear Fit-flops bu I’ve had an issue with any kind of flip-flops for a long time (the right one goes flying leaving one barefoot landing on the concrete!) I currently have some from Shoon with a little ankle strap and that helps loads.

Good luck

Sonia x

Lace-ups are a no go for me too thanks to dexterity issues :frowning: Isn’t it awful when you have to choose shoes based on what you can practically manage rather than how they look these days?

I used to love pretty courts and I had a pair in every colour to match every outfit at one time. These days comfort and practicality win first but they still have to look half way decent which really limits my choices. It can take me all day to find just one pair of shoes whereas in the past the problem was so much to choose from and how to limit myself to just one pair. sigh best not think down that route too much

Tracey x