Flippin' foot brace!!

I’ve got a drop foot problem with a foot that buckles as well, so have to wear a black chunky foot brace to support. Problem is, what shoes/trainers to wear. I find it damn hard to get foot and brace in a shoe, when the other foot doesn’t have a brace. At the minute, only got one pair of horrible trainers and need something new/different Any suggestions, makes/styles welcome! Bev

Hi, I had a leg/foot thing for foot drop and could only get sandals on, some years ago. I had to strap the sandal so tight to keep the thing on, that it dug into my flesh.

I gave up with it.

luv Pollx

I sympathise! I don’t even have a foot-brace, but am having exactly the same problem. I have one pair of stout walking boots, that are having to serve for everything. I suppose they’re not hideous, as walking boots go - a few concessions to femininity, with a bit of pink on them. But I couldn’t go to a job interview in them, should I ever decide to renounce my life of idleness, nor to any kind of smart occasion - wedding, funeral, big night out - any of it.

What am I supposed to do?



That’s the thing, in August, I’ve got a wedding,21st, 50th, silver wedding, oh yeah and my own silver wedding. A pair of fancy looking house slippers with a cut in the back is beginning look promising! They’ll have to have a fleecy lining of course, 'cos my feet are always freezing. Poll, can I ask, how r your feet now, and what trendy footgear do u have at the minute! X

My advice would be to get a fes and stop using a foot brace. This is the best solution I have found for dropped foot and it actually helps build muscle strength over time.

hello, have you tried a website that sells odd size shoes? - type in odd size shoes for sale and some options will pop up. You may get a nice pair of flat pumps in a pretty colour with one side larger than the other to accommodate your foot brace. I only had a quick look at one site (I will soon have this joyful problem myself as being fitted up at start of june fingers crossed) so they might be mainly horrid styles but I clicked on one or two that looked promising. Alternatively just go to one of the shops that sells really cheap shoes or a supermarket if you can bear it and pick up two pairs in vastly differing sizes and hey ho you have a mismatched pair and you can throw their unwanted companions away! Best of luck x

Thanks Stans Mum! Will give that a shot, any idea’s r welcome… I think a heavy day in a shopping centre with lots of sports and shoe shops is calling. Meanwhile, I look longingly at my’normal’ shoes, which should really go to a charity shop! I’m just having a memory moment… I think I’ve posted on here once befor about footwear! Anybody any ideas how to scroll back on previous posts? Hmmph, that’s another post initself surely… Ha!

I’ve used a SAFO (silicone anlke foot orthosis) for 5 years from dorset ortho and it’s great. It’s lightweight but very, very effective. I put some talc on my foot and some talc inside the SAFO first thing in the morning and that’s me sorted for the day. I am somewhat selective about shoes - the right shoe needs to be marginally wider than the left, but apart from ultra narrow shoes, I’m not really that restricted. Might be worth talking to the MS nurse or the physio about the SAFO. In my opinion, this product is vastly superior to the FES or the foot-up, both of which I’ve used in the past.


Have any of you ever heard of a MuSmate? Its an elastic contraption and it is ideal if you have foot drop. I’ve been using one for about 8 years. I doubt if I could walk more than 50 metres without it.

Imagine taking a step and you are swinging the leg with foot drop forward, the elastic lifts the foot off the ground so significantly reducing the chances of tripping over. It does not help you to keep your balance. You can use it to lift your foot when you go up stairs.

If you want to know more then go to These are my experiences. Its not on the NHS, don’t know why but it is a genuine life saver. No need for different sized shoes. For someone wearing trousers it is reasonably descrete.

If you have drop foot then you ought to at least look at it and give it serious thought.



I use a Musmate to help me with footdrop in my left foot. It is an elastic arrangement thst lifts the foot off the groud as it is being swung forward. Stunningly simple and clever, sadly not on the NHS. My consultant and his MS nurse are intrigued by it

It enables me to walk. With it I can manage 200 metres using a stick. Using a rollator I could probably go a lot further bit the surface would hve to be flat, slopes are a real killer. Its stiffness, fatigue and poor balance that stops me walking any further.

I talk about it here In case you are wondering I do not receive any commission on sales or enquiries. It is discrete with trousers, I’m a bloke,The top part looks like braces and people do not notice it or realise how much it helps me.

If you have foot drop then give it serious thought. It enables me to climb stairs, I would seriously struggle without it especially in the evening.

Good luck,



That sounds interesting Derek, am gonna read about that now. fES no good for me anymore I don’t think, seeing as I’m not on my feet anymore, I’ve been asked to send to back. Cheers everyone for great feedback x

hi perrydog, i have footdrop and use a support from footdrop solutions . co .uk its easy to put on with a velcro strap and its slim fitting and it works. Tony.

Hi Bev,

I wear a toe off foot and leg brace. As you said only works with trainers but I’m looking for nicer shoes for the summer.

The guy that fitted mine said you if you can remove the foot lining in a pair of shoes it should fit. - or buy a half size bigger and put a innersole in the one without the brace. If that makes sense?

Clarks, M and S and Jimmy Choo do half sizes !!!

Good luck,

Jen x


Evere tried a Musmate. I have chronic footdrop in left foot. It is an elastic arrangement that lifts the whole leg off the ground when walking. Does not mean that it stops me falling but that is a different problem.

It means that I can stagger around the house, walk a few hundred metres with a rollator as well as being able to go up steps and stairs. Without it I would have to slide my left foot along the ground!

Google it


Hi Bev, well just now i have my granny slippers on.

They are bootees, with a warm sheepskin lining. I have a very sore big toenail, which needs attention from the podiatrist. I`ll ring them in the morning for an urgent appointment. i do hope she doesnt say it needs removing again.

I cant have the spc op and toenail removal at the same time, to cope with. Itll be, Mind me toe, mind me pipe`.

When I was in Blackers, I bought the most comfortable and easy to get on footwear i`ve had for a long time. And they are leopard print and gold baseball boots…yes, I am a really trendy 60 year old!

My heels still get sore in bed, through pressure. I sometimes wear my foam heel protectors, if hubby is patient enough to put them on. hes tired at tea-time, like me and isnt always the happiest of bunnies, after hes helped me get me nightie on, sorted me out on the loo (can takes up to an hour!) and tucked me up…oh and got me a hot water bottle…that poor fella. What ever did he do wrong?

luv Pollx

Hi Bev

I too have foot drop and have to wear an ankle brace that fits to trainers to lift the front of the foot. It is really helpful but as I always wore flip flops before I found the trainers really warm.

I found a nice pair of lightweight converse trainers on Amazon and they are brillliant. They have flowers on them too so they look pretty.

Shazzie xxxx

hi perrydog,

I have chronic footdrop and use an elastic arrangement that lifts the foot as you walk. You can get it from Musmate . co .uk

Its easy to put on, it works and its not expensive. Makes it possible to climb stairs. I’ve used one for about 6 years

Look it up through Google


MS has nothing to do with muscle weakness. It’s the nerve signals instructing the muscles to do their job that are failing. Your foot isn’t dropping because the muscles don’t work, it’s because the signals from your brain telling your muscles via your spinal cord to A) relax and B) pull, are not doing so when required.

A fes provides the stimulation to make the muscle work and prevents it from wasting. There is plenty of information on the Odstock Medical site.

Derek, l have had my SAFO for 6yrs. The orthotist at my local hospital recommended it. He could not supply it through the nhs but he kindly came to my house and did the plaster cast for it. And he arranged with dorsetortho to make it. l can wear any of my shoes - and of course you can walk about in bare feet with it on. lt was worth the expensive. Some PCT - will fund a SAFO

now that they have such a good feedback.