Foot Drop. Advice. needed badly please

Hi all.

I was hoping some of you might spare a moment to impart some wisdom.

I was told I had foot drop in my left leg. I was tripping and stumbling a lot, as we do. The splint I was fitted with made it worse and I was wondering if anybody has any tips. It feels as if I just can’t lift my left leg at all, I’m willing my knee to bend and hip to lift and it’s having none of it. I use one or two sticks and a rollator. My confidence had taken a real dive and it’s driving me insane. There’s a major sense of humour failure brewing. To make matters worse I’ve been really sensitive to the recent heat & I go on holiday on Saturday.

Any hints tips advice very gratefully received. It’s so undignified having a tantrum at the age of 43



I don’t know if I can help but I have a dropped foot. I have never used a splint, although I did try the FES for a while. I now have a foot brace - it’s called a “foot up”. It works best with lace-up shoes/trainers but it was much too warm and uncomfortable to use it in the hot weather. I got mine via the Community physio but they are available to buy on the internet. I exercise regularly (and pay for physio as the nhs won’t provide that) which although it doesn’t solve the foot drop problem helps keep the muscles I can use a bit stronger. As for the heat it wipes me out too and aggravates my symptoms but it seems to be the humidity here that makes it worse. If you are off abroad for sunny climes you will probably find the heat is drier and not so draining, and being on holiday you don’t have to do so much so life is easier! I am probably too late, it being Saturday now, you are probably on your way already, but I hope you have a lovely time.