flipping shoes!!

Hi now the weathers turning a little like summer!!!..I’ve ditched my boots and converses and been trying to wear flat pumps and flip flops but am really struggling to keep my right foot in the shoe as I had a drop foot last year althoughuch improved still have a limp and a slappy foot which is much worse when not wear lace up shoes does anyone else have this problem and if so what do you do?..know it’s quite trivial really but I’m missing my flip flops it’s all flip and definitely flop when wearing them lol Emma x

Hi I miss flip flops and high heels! I wear sandals with an elastic back. I tend to buy loads when I find the perfect ones that I can wear easily. Clarks sometimes do nice ones

Ooh high heels now I miss those!..was thinking of putting an elastic band round my shoes lol!..did you have a foot drop as well?..I’ve a cupboard full of shoes I can’t bear to get rid off in the hope I may be able to wear them!.. And if not I can just look at then now and again x

I got some toms today and they are so comfortable. Maybe give them a try hun. I’ve certain ballerinas that I can wear and some I can’t. I find sometimes an insole makes them tighter too. Xxx

Hi Lisa what are toms?..when your shoes are uncomfortable it makes you walk even worse I find as I’m trying to concentrate on them not falling off!! x

I’ve been telling myself I’m going mad today , I too tried to wear a pair of flip flops today and looked like I was walking on the moon. My husband couldn’t understand what I was trying to explain . This happeneds every time I wear different shoes . I thought it was just me !!! Hope x

They are canvas shoes… Nice summery shoes and so comfy. Put toms shoes in google. I’m gonna get another pair. Very trendy too. Xx

Thanks Lisa will take a look x and Hope it must be an ms thing we’ll all just have to wear willies lol…another thing I can’t keep on are slippers! x

I stopped wearing flip-flops a year or so ago as I was always kicking one off! Yes, that was before I had the first inkling about MS… I thought it was just due to a foot injury about 5 years ago.

I did buy some beautiful ones with an ankle strap from Shoon last year though and I can cope with those as I can’t accidentally kick them off. I’ll have a look at their website and see if they’ve got anything like that this year - I was so happy to bin my fit-flops as I was in danger of breaking something wearing those last year!!!

Sonia x

They do have quite a lot of sandals with a strap around the heel too. Just relieved the pair I just spied aren’t available in my size as they were way too exensive lol.


Sonia x

not exactly on the topic but…

i once had a blazing row with my hubby as he was driving so i got out at the traffic lights and tried to strop off but i was wearing flip flops so after my hubby pulled over almost wetting himself laughing, we made a new motto


carole x

I couldn’t wear flip flops or high heels for ages for the same reason. Things have settled down now though and I’m finally able to wear both - I ended up buying insoles which helped my shoes stay on. Have you tried Accessorize? They usually have some nice summery pumps which could be a good alternative.

I have the same problem with slippers. I am supposed to wear them because I have diabetes.

My lovely right leg likes to swing my foot out and kick anything it can, so I do try to wear them all the time. But the slip-on ones I’ve been wearing for years now fly off! Going upstairs is even more dangerous than usual…

I now wear boot style slippers. Which is lovely for winter, but I’m not sure about summer. I’ll have to look at Toms or something similar to protect my feet but not fly off ahead of me. I need to wear orthic insoles, so total flats are not good for me as they give me a pain in the middle of my soles.

Thanks to this thread, I’ll be looking at summary shoes to wear in the house now!

l have never been able to wear flipflops or the very flat ballerinas. l need a strap across to keep shoes on - and a wedge heel.

Flat shoes/trainers make me feel l am falling backwards. Personally, l like the MBT [masai barefoot technology] type of shoe with the ‘rolling sole’. Have you tried Fit Flops as these have the rolling sole which helps your dropped foot pickup naturally.

Clarks do a range similar to MBT - called Wave. l can wear their trainers - and have a pretty raspberry pink nubuck pair. Also they do a sandal with velcro straps which are so comfy.

Hotters are very comfortable as well. Recently bought a pretty pale-green pair with a plaited velcro strap across. Tight boots with a wedge sole keep my drop foot supported. l can wear these boots without having to wear my SAFO inside. lf l find a pair of shoes that suit me - l tend to get them in another colour.


Hi Emma,

I wear FitFlops in the summer they have a high bit that comes over the top of the foot so they stay on - and work your

calf muscles. Lots of other companies do them now, think M and S call them Step tone. There are lots of different designs, think more choice online.

Just bought some leather sandles from M & S again they have a bit that comes over the top of the foot to stop the slap!!

Good look, Jen x

it takes me an eternaty to put my shoes on. If that’s not bad enough then the shoes feel like i am walking in steel shoes.

I have had to make adjustments and put on my trainors, without tying my laces.

My job for this afternoon ? Shoes. All of the many pairs of gorgeous killer heels that I had for work, are going. Hard decision but my wardrobe has turned into a Laboutin museum !! I’m going to be brave, wave goodbye and list them all on fleebay. Xx


i havent worn shoes since last june-i have no control over my right foot at all. i did get some beads that slip over my feet from av*n just to make it less boring! have got 2 pairs of brill thick socks to keep my feet warm when out. several years ago i went thru a phase of not wearing anything on my feet.

its so difficult to find the right thing that you want-good luck-enjoy searching,u will need to try several pairs!


I’m so pleased I joined this site. I was diagnosed 23 years ago, but until about 5 years ran an almost ‘normal’ life with very mild relapses. Now im slowing down, balance and tripping over my feet being one of my tell tale signs Shoes are my biggest 'issue" with ms!! (As to say I’ve adapted and accepted everything else) Gone are my pretty little clip clop heels (was my signature sound for years) and now wear sensible school shoes as I have tiny feet. Summer is my problem, I can’t wear flip flops or even fitflops as I kick one of them ahead of me when walking. Suggestion please, to get pretty girly/going out flat summer shoes?

I find the only summery shoes I can keep on are birkenstocks - they are kind of fitted to the insole of your foot and seem to work for me.